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3 steps to reaching your money goals

How to kick start your money goals and the method that will help to keep you on track.

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Money goals. Most of us have them but not all of us prioritise them, let alone put plans in plans to get what we want.

From a new car, kitchen, holiday, paying down debt and saving up for yourself or the kids – these goals can be big and small.

But what’s true is that nothing will change until you first know what you want and do something about it. So here’s what to do to get there.

It’s starts with choosing a vision .

This will help motivate you towards an inspiring picture of success in the future, and lets you communicate it with others.

Here are some thought provoking questions about your vision to help you discover your money goal:

• What am I passionate about in life?
• What type of person do I want to become?
• What do I want to have and achieve?
• What would I like to share?
• How do I want to inspire others?
• What have I conquered financially and emotionally?
• Where do I want to travel?


Once you decide you want it, then it’s time to make a plan to create it for yourself.

Decide you are worth the time, space, and investment of energy to create the life you want.

• Make a commitment to yourself.
• You deserve it and you are worth it.
• Maintaining the status quo ends now!


Making the decision to change is important, but change is not an easy journey. Change fails often and it can feel uncomfortable.

Change also gets distracted by excuses and it gets thwarted by habits, routines, and maintaining the status quo.

You are where you are now because of the rules you have followed. Rules are powerful because they simplify your decision making.

When you see a red traffic light at an intersection, you stop. You don’t have to look in every direction, you don’t have to guess what other cars will do, and you don’t have decide whether you have right of way. You just stop!

Many of the rules in your life have helped you, but some have held you back. Some of the red traffic lights, No Right Turn signs, and Stop signs in your life have worked against you and your vision.

The good news is that, unlike the road rules, you created the rules for your life, so you can throw them out and create new, better rules.

• What will be your new rules to create the life you want?
• Will you take responsibility for yourself and your financial future?
• Will you be a role model for your daughter, niece, and granddaughter?
• Let the creative juices flow, let yourself go!

Once you visual your money goals, make a decision to act on them and commit to achieving them you are then on course to reaching your own personal success.

Tracey is also author of the book Finding Financial Freedom.

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