5 life lessons in business

As part of being a business owner for the last seven years, I’ve learned a few life lessons.

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As part of being a business owner for the last seven years, I’ve learned a few life lessons.

You waste time and money, you learn to spend smart, you make some fantastic business decisions but you also kiss a few frogs.

Sometimes, you may initially think you have found a great opportunity but, as you delve deeper, you find that some personalities or business ideas are not as commercially viable as you first thought.

This is an opportunity to grow.

On the path of life and especially in business, there are always hurdles to overcome.

It’s how you deal with these, and what you learn from the experience, that helps you succeed.

Kissing a few frogs in business has allowed me to become even clearer on who and what to invest my time and resources on.

It’s okay to realise that something isn’t going to work.

Cutting ties and letting go in an appropriate manner allows everyone to go their own path.

As the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens.

The key is this: when a business relationship or avenue is just not working, don’t remain stuck.

Move on.

5 life lessons I’ve learned from business:

1. Sometimes things just don’t work out. It happens to everyone and it’s okay.

2. Always reflect on the situation and evaluate what could you have done differently.

3. Trust fewer people. Be more discerning and stay focused.

4. Measure your decisions with brand alignment. Is this going to work with your brand?

5. Always go with your intuition. When it’s not right, cut your losses and move on.

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