At $65k what wedding items are a must?

With weddings costing more than in previous years, Basirah Aria shares how to make the most of your money and what things should take priority.

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The average Australian wedding costs more than $65,000, which is a pretty decent house deposit or start on a share portfolio.
So the big question is, if you’re going to spend all that cash on your special day, what are the most important things to spend your money on?
Basirah Aria, who’s designs have attracted the attention of Khloe Kardashian, said definately the wedding dress, hair and makeup, photography, food, music and honeymoon should get the greatest allocation on money in any wedding budget.
“I think you can always opt for a simpler venue and invest more towards flowers and styling to create a gorgeous setting or opt for a gorgeous venue or location and simpler styling…it’s all about balancing,” said the Sydney based founder and Creative Director of Avari Couture Collections.
“With so many new and exciting ways to showcase your own personal style and tastes whether it be tailor made gifts, customised menus, exotic flowers flown in, drone photography, exclusive destinations and professional event stylists, the average spend I believe would be between $65,000 and $75,000,” she said.
If that’s the case, the average Australian wedding has doubled in three years. In 2014, official data from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) estimated the average wedding costs $32,000, and 2015 figures from Bride To Be magazine’s Cost of Love survey, put that figure at close to $65,500.
But Ms Aria and other wedding sources contacted by are confident that the latest figures are at least $5,000 to $10,000 more today as more couples are getting married later in life and have more to spend on customising their special day, and as social media plays a role in competing bridal wars.
“Brides know that everyone wants to share images on social media so they are more willing to spend money to make their union a lasting memory.
“Back in the day you would just get a couple of photographs as keep sake of your special day, and your parents might have had a greater control over the budget. But today couples are getting married later in life and doing a lot of the financing of the wedding themselves,” said Ms Aria.


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