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Affinity Private

Affinity Private is an award winning financial advice practice, specialising in the needs of business professionals, business owners and family groups. Affinity Private helps women by engaging in a rigorous and stimulating process that deepens your insights into your financial capability, your relationship to money and, indeed, yourself - your values, aspirations and undiscovered opportunities for life. Powerful financial planning helps people to realise their potential by asking great questions to discover better answers to money challenges. Our conversations will help you clarify solutions to the important questions you are probably facing today: · Are my assets held in the most effective protective structure possible? · Are my investments flexible enough to adapt to changing economic and market conditions? · Am I focused too narrowly on risk; concerned about minimising short-term risk but in doing so, sacrificing longer term security? · Am I prepared for the worst-case scenario should something unforeseen happen to me? · How can I leave a legacy to my family, community and broader society?
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