Show your fearless support for financial gender equality

Economic Equality Pact 2030

Financy is committed to seeing Australia achieve economic gender equality. To help women, business and government take action towards financial progress and equality we invite you to participate in the consultation phase of the Economic Equality Pact 2030.

In coming up with the suggestions for the Economic Equality Pact, we have researched papers and considered the views of the FWX Advisory board and many of our strategically aligned organisations. We have deliberately aligned the Pact to the Financy Women’s Index to ensure that we can measure outcomes on a quarterly basis. We seek your ideas and feedback on six centrepiece areas.

Questions on participation

  1. What you need to do: Please submit your feedback and ideas for consideration in the formation of the Economic Equality Pact via email to Financy
  2. Deadline for submissions: August 1, 2021.
  3. People reviewing submissions: The Financy Women’s Index Advisory Committee and select external stakeholders.
  4. Release date for signing of the final Economic Equality Pact 2030: In September  2021.

The Economic Equality Pact 2030

Closing the
Education gender gap

  • Employers encourage equal participation of men and women in education and mentor programs that support career development.
  • Employers provide internship or mentoring programs to girls in years 11 and 12 and at university to support diverse career choices.

Closing the
Employment gender gap

  • Employers provide family-friendly work policies such as flexible or remote work arrangements.
  • Employers have documented policy to support zero tolerance for gender discrimination or violence against women in the workplace.

Closing the
Superannuation gender gap

  • Employers provide Super Guarantee payments on parental leave regardless of gender.
  • Employers provide information or incentives to help female employees contribute more to their balances to help close the gender gap.

Closing the
Leadership gender gap

  • Employers ensure equal representation of at least 40% women in leadership positions the workplace.
  • Employers have a proactive internal policy in place to improve gender diversity in leadership.

Closing the
Unpaid Work gender gap

  • Employers offer non-gendered and equal paid parental leave to both parents.

Closing the
Gender pay gap

  • Employers have a proactive and documented policy
  • to support reducing gender pay gaps where they exist within an organisation.