Financy HQ gets new digs

A note from Financy Creative Director, Tanyika about our new website.

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Let’s address the elephant in the room: has been painfully slow to load.

That’s why, we’ve migrated our site to a quicker and more stable new platform.

We’ve invested in the new platform just for you, so we can deliver you better quality and more relevant information.

We also want greater interaction with you. For example – we want you to tell us when you find an article helpful, so you’ll notice a thumbs up at the base of each article. And we want to make it easier for you to share our content with your friends on social media and have included new share icons to make this happen.

On top of this, we want you to know more about the people who write the articles you read and so you’ll find profiles of our writers at the base of all articles.

You’ll notice some great site specific changes as well (like faster loading times). This includes some exciting new features that will improve the website’s content, as well as some new tools and a store where you’ll be able to purchase products to make managing your finances a whole lot easier and more fun (yes! it is possible).

So, we ask that during this process you briefly bare with us and drop us a line if you notice something you think we can do better.

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