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Top jobs that will show you the money

Ever wondered why so many women study law and medicine? Turns out these sectors routinely top the list for the highest paying professions for women.

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Women are renowned for doing so much unpaid and voluntary work, that there’s often little, if anything, left to push past the so called “glass ceiling” of many professions.

The hope is that as we continue to evolve from traditional nuturers to business and money-savvy multi-taking super women, that we’ll value our time better and close the pay gap which exists between men and women – for good!

Of course, you could just fast-track the whole evolutionary process and start focusing in on those careers which will show you the money.

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Here are the median salaries of the highest-paying professions, which boast an Australian workforce of at least 40 per cent women, from Payscale.com.

  1. Partner – Law Firm $202,000
  2. Anaesthesiologist $153,000
  3. Director of Human Resources $152,000
  4. Psychiatrist $132,000
  5. Corporate Counsel $126,000
  6. Obstetrician/Gynaecologist $109,000
  7. Physician/Doctor/GP $102,000
  8. Paediatrician $100,000
  9. Orthodontist $100,000
  10. Barrister $93,000

Medicine and law dominate the list, and it’s perhaps no co-incident that these professions, along with education and creative arts attract a very high number of female university graduates. Whereas women are less represented in IT, engineering and architecture courses.

But even this might be changing with data from the Education Department cited here, showing that female graduates are outnumbering males at record levels, with almost 45,000 more women completing tertiary qualifications last year than men.

There are of course higher paying professions, and salaries can vary markedly from the median, but this list shows where Australian women are already well-represented, and well-heeled.

While most of us don’t chose a career purely for the salary it attracts – indeed it would hard getting out of bed each day to head off to something you don’t enjoy doing and have no interest in!

But at the end of the day what you put in your purse is something to be considered.

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