Kim Kiyosaki

Insights on getting rich with Kim Kiyosaki

US entrepreneur and author of Rich Woman Kim Kiyosaki shares her money journey and why she decided to do things differently.

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Sometimes you get to meet your heroes and for me that was recently interviewing entrepreneur and Rich Woman author Kim Kiyosaki.

Kim is the wife of Robert, co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, a book that was essentially made as a promotional brochure for their joint Cashflow game. Now in it has sold 30,000,000 copies worldwide.

My pivotal moment came when reading a question from the book:  ‘do you work for your money, or does your money work for you?”

Fast forward nearly 20 years from that moment and I can say the actions I took after pondering that question have given me the financial security I enjoy today.

So, you can imagine I was really excited to not only interview Kim but hear from her about the pivotal moment when she decided ‘enough I need to do things differently’, and boy did she.

Kim has been busy over the last 20 years.

Not only has she been the powerhouse in the relationship when it comes to buying property but she has been dedicated to educating women about how to achieve their financial security.

In the United States, three out of every five elderly people living in poverty are women, and two of those three women were not living in poverty when their husband passed away.

From an early age, Kim decided she was always going to be in control and not work for someone else.

On their first date she and Robert discussed starting a business, and a month later they did.

She then realised that property would allow her to increase her cashflow and wealth and so she explored that interest.

What I particularly like is the way that Kim discusses financial security.

Many people think they need $100,000 per annum to live off but she says that financial security for her is when your passive income is greater than your expenses.

For them it was just $3000 per month, that’s when they became financially free.

I suppose this begs the question: what’s your financially free number?

You can listen to the full interview at this link.

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