Inspiring your entrepreneurial self

Does sitting at your work desk of a Wednesday bring on the bah-hum-bug of working for someone else?

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If your dream is to start your own PR company, organic gluten free chocolate bars, fashion brand or maybe even a hole-in-the-wall coffee shop, then maybe it’s time to start making your entrepreneurial goals a reality.

Even if you can’t start big, taking small steps will help get you there.
“Women are starting more businesses because we have never been more educated, we have never been more networked, we have never had more access to technology and have never had more access to capital,” said a spokesperson from Inspiring Rare Birds which is running a two day conference to help support female entrepreneurs in June.

“Women in particular are starting businesses because they are searching for more flexibility in their working and home lives, both pre and post starting families.”

Here are our five Financy tips to get into you started in your own business.

1. Are you the business type? 2. Do your research 3. Network 4. Write a business plan 5. Attend to the legals money news
4. Write a business plan. The business plan is the place to iron out details. It also provides you with a go-to place if you find yourself wondering what to do next or which strategy to employ. Include as much forward thinking and practical detail as possible, such as determining costs, budgets, resources and all those day-to-day nitty gritty details about what you’ll actually be doing.

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