Is your wealth the sum of your friends?

How to build a money-making winner's circle of friends.

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Could building wealth be as simple as hanging out with the right crowd?


In his book, The Slight Edge, sales thought leader Jeff Olson says:

“You are the combined average of the five people you associate with most including the way you walk, talk, act, think and dress. Your income, your accomplishments, even your values and philosophy will reflect them.”

If you want to build your wealth, and live a life of prosperity and meaning, you must seek like-minded people.

People who have your back, who understand your path and genuinely want you to succeed. These people are your “winner circle”.

What is a winner circle?

Your winner circle is your cheer squad.

Their support is unwavering.

They are the people who build you up rather than tear you down, and the ones who you can truly trust.

Get rid of the haters

Sadly, life is full of people who will drag you down.

These are “basement people”.

Basement people are the ones who criticise you to feel better about themselves.

Forget them.

If you want to build any kind of wealth and succeed in your business and career, you must rid yourself of basement people.

Otherwise, you risk straying from your prosperity path to one of instant gratification, credit card debt, zero investments and insufficient retirement savings.

To build your winner circle, be a winner person

Take an honest look at yourself.

Do you cheer people on or do you put them down?

To create your own winner circle, you need to be worthy of being in other people’s circles.

If you find yourself being negative, change your perspective of yourself and your friends.

Remember, they’re not your competition – they’re on your team!

When you feel jealous and resentful of others’ success, it means you have a poverty mentality.

You unconsciously think there isn’t enough to go around – not enough jobs, money or opportunities – so you want to grab whatever you can, even if it’s from the people close to you.

Winner circle people view life and relationships differently.

They have an abundance mentality.

They see opportunities where others see obstacles.

They perceive possibilities where others see problems.

And they take on challenges when others give up.

Instead of feeling jealous, if your friend achieves something you want to achieve too, ask yourself:

  • What can he/she teach me that I don’t yet know?
  • What opportunities are available for me to forge my own path?
  • Is there a blind spot in my character that I’m not seeing?
  • Am I being generous, kind, humble and helpful?
  • Am I respectful of others no matter who they are?
  • Do I seek help when I need it?
  • Do I apologise without condition or excuses when, consciously or unconsciously, I hurt others?

A winner circle person continually strives to improve.

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