Lipstick, Spanx & photoshopping a $US75-million waist

Why we get our knickers in a knot when there’s a change in appearances.

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It’s Fashion week, the week of the beautiful and the expensive. And although I should be talking Aussie design label Kit X until I’m blue in the face, instead the 6pm news headline that has my attention is all about the area above the singer’s Meghan Trainor’s behind.

Ms Trainor is the latest female celeb, reportedly worth $US75-million this year according to People With Money magazine, to be caught up in a photoshopping controversy.

Perhaps you’re recalling the recent headline news about her being embarrassed about her music video, Me Too, where her waist was reportedly photoshopped.

Indeed if she herself didn’t notice the change to her waist, we probably wouldn’t have either. Yet, somehow her waist, rather than the talents displayed in her new song, made prime time news.

How tragic. She’s a superstar, kicking some serious musical goals and yet she had to apologise for her waist in fear of retribution, which is still making headline news anyway.

If you’re not familiar with the article, here it is.

The all about that bass singers change to her waist was reportedly a genuine oversight when signing off on the video.

“I was so embarrassed, I thought [fans] would attack me: ‘She’s photoshopping! She can’t be doing that!’, Ms Trainor explains.

Herein lies the rub: in this same interview, Ms Trainor continued to say “I wear enough Spanx, I don’t need to be cut in half.”

Last night, all this got me thinking: What’s the difference between photoshopping and wearing slimming underwear? And when will the body-image shaming of women stop?

People don’t walk around photoshopped! I don’t want my daughter growing up thinking that’s normal!

Valid point. Yet, “Meghan Trainor wears lip-liner to make lips appear bigger!” – said no magazine ever. And we don’t hear anyone complain about the colossal length of her lashes and she’d probably be delighted, rather than fearful, should they make the 6pm news.

We make non-photoshop, yet similarly superficial enhancements to our appearance everyday. Makeup. Pantyhose. High heels. Botox. Spanx.

And most of those products grace the runways in Australian fashion’s week of weeks.

But when we throw photoshop into the mix and team it with a celebrity or a model’s body, slapping a headline on it to haul the individual over the coals or force the individual to make a public apology – that’s what makes news headlines.

So I ask you: Would you ever apologise for the choices you make in regards to your own personal appearance? And do you think it’s news worthy? Let us know in the comments below.

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