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Unlock 12 months of supportive and impact-driven opportunities.

Becoming a Financy Member is an investment in your personal or your team’s financial capability and means you are taking action on gender equality for girls and women.

This membership is all about empowerment with measurable insights, access to a collaborative network of experts, content, events, coaching and resources that can help you live fearlessly.


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Empowering you to take control of your money matters.

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Become a game changer on economic gender equality.

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Your weekly push with tips, events, actionable strategies, coaching & accountability to help you take action to improve your wealth position and wellbeing.

Financy Women's Index ~
Financial Progress


Each quarter get the scorecard of women’s financial progress with the Financy Women’s Index. We’ll share with you what’s working, what’s not and what the opportunities are.

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Financy Fortnightly Fix

For every woman who’s interested in taking action to improve their financial strength and who wants to see equality in their life time. Receive updates on Financy Magazine content, events and the EqualizHER Podcast.

Listen to the Financy Podcast

Get the EqualizHER Podcast each fortnight and hear crazy, funny and thought provoking conversations on the journey to financial equality. We speak to remarkable women about their personal stories and discuss the products and hacks that make career and finance more enjoyable.

Member-only Content

Unlimited access to Financy Magazine online plus exclusive bonus content just for members.

Access to Member & Non-member events

Access to Member-only events and experiences to learn, grow, network and be inspired.

Member-only Library

If you miss an event, don't worry because as a member you'll get access to videos of past Masterclasses, Live Q&As and Podcast recordings.

Member-only Discounts

Exclusive discounts to Money, Career & Mindset Coaching plus special offers on books and online training.

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Lead & Succeed

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Member Benefits

Fortnightly Fix Newsletter

The EqualizHER Podcast

Access to online articles in the Financy Magazine

Exclusive online content in Financy Magazine

Weekly Progress Push Newsletter

Online Events and Masterclasses

Member-only Content & Events Library, which features recorded events you may have missed

  • Career Coaching
  • Money Coaching
  • Investments Coaching
  • Financial Literacy Programs
  • Mindset & Behavioural Coaching
  • Book Discounts
  • Special Event Offers

Support sessions: Live Q&As and private social media groups

Ability to Present a Masterclass or speak at Financy virtual event

Ability to share your story in the Financy Magazine

Membership Dashboard

1 x login

6 x logins (includes 1 x Lead & Succeed and 5 x Inspire & Ignite Membership benefits)

Discount on 20+ Individual Memberships

20% discount on Inspire & Ignite Membership

Permission to republish online content from the Financy Magazine in your newsletters and on website.* Must credit Financy and include call to action to sign up to the Financy Membership in each post.

Financy Women's Index

Women’s Index quarterly summary

Women’s Index quarterly full insights

Invitation to sign the Economic Equality Pact and be featured on Financy

Frequently Asked Questions

Financy is all about helping women to live fearlessly. We want every girl and woman to live their best life and one that’s rich with the joys of equal opportunity. But we also know through our obsession with data and research, that many women are held back in reaching their full potential because of financial inequalities at home, in society and work. Whether you’re a young woman who’s just got her first wage, or you’re trying to make an impact in your first or 31 st job or business venture, the Financy Membership gives you the insights, resources and supportive network to overcome these challenges to push your progress in a positive direction. In fact, we know that when one woman wins on progress, others do too and we see evidence of this show up in the Financy Women’s Index – which is our economic measurement that aims to track and report on women’s financial progress towards economic equality every quarter until the battle has been won.

You can contact Financy via our contact us section and we will do our best to respond to you within 24 hours. We can also be reached on our social media groups.

We accept payment by credit card.

We offer annual individual and corporate memberships, payable by the month or upfront. Package details are set out on our Website. We may increase the membership fee annually. Details of pricing are set out on our Website. Your membership will be automatically renewed each year, on the anniversary of the date you joined. After your first year has passed, your membership subscription will continue month by month, or you can contact us if you would like to terminate your membership.

We will confirm that to you via on-screen verification. We encourage you to take a screen shot of this. We will also send you a Welcome to Financy Membership email, confirming that your purchase has been successful. 

When you create your Account, it is your responsibility to ensure your details are accurate and up to date. Please make sure that the credit card or other payment details that you provide are correct. If we cannot successfully process your payment, we will notify you. You will be responsible for any bank fees including dishonour fees.

You have a 7 day cooling off period after taking up membership. After that period, subject to your rights under the Australian Consumer Law, your membership fee for the year is not refundable. However, if you have special circumstances, please contact us and we will consider your request for a refund.


Be part of the momentum that’s helping women financially progress.