Our Services

Financy is a collaborative women’s money publication. We offer many services from content production to guest speaking, all with the aim of improving the communication of money matters to women and enhancing financial literacy. Contact us if you want more information on any of these services.

Editing Contribution

If you’ve got the content but it’s not exactly tailored towards women, or it just needs work, we offer a low cost editing fee to align your material to our readership. We then promote you and your work in our newsletter and socially.

Free Contribution Space

This is freely available to financial experts or bloggers who share in our passion and genuine interest in writing for and helping  women to make better money choices. In return we promote you in our directory, newsletter, website and socially as a thank you!

Collaborative Editorial

For a flat rate we will work with you to write and produce content that helps you to relay your editorial message to our audience. All we ask is that your content genuinely benefits women on money matters. We then promote you and your work in our newsletter and socially.

Financy Women's Index

Financy in partnership with Data Digger produce research for government, business and individuals on the financial wellbeing of women in relation to corporate and economic performance. Such research includes the Financy Women’s Index.

Sponsored Posts

For a flat fee we will run your advertorial content IF there is a direct link between what you do and how it helps women with money. We will then edit your content, mark it as “sponsored” and run a two week exposure campaign on the website, social media and in our newsletter.


We offer advertising on the Financy platform and across our social media accounts on Facebook and Youtube. Check out our advertise section for more information and our media kit.

Guest Speaking

If you have a genuine interest in inspiring and empowering women on financial matters, and you are hosting an event that wants to promote this message and key research, than we could be the guest speaker for you.