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Save money this Valentines Day by swapping out spends

The simple things you can do this Valentines Day to save rather than spend, and how carrying it through all year can save you up to $7k.

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It’s Valentines Day, a day that many of us buy the one we love a gift. But this year, I’m not doing it… at least not the way I used to.

For years I’ve spent a small fortune on chocolates and flowers each Valentines Day, and that’s just for myself.

Today I’m not just thinking about the man in my life but I’m also focusing on the Valentines gift that I want to give my daughters.

The hope is that I can create a Day for them that is less about the urge to spend, spend, spend, and more about the delight in saving.

Here’s some money saving tips for this Valentines Day that I’d like to share with you.

Plus I’ve also crunched some numbers with the personal finance App Frollo to come up with what these things cost you Before and After you make the change should you choose to keep your actions going all year long!

Homemade lunch with a note that says I love youThe cost saving here is about $10, which is money that can be spent elsewhere this Valentines Day.

Cost before:                            $12/lunch x 261 work days = $3,132
Cost after:                               $5/lunch x 261 work days = $1,305
Total annual savings:  $1,827

One fewer bottle of wine per month: This one is an obvious money saver for those who can do it. Maybe start after Valentines Day!

Cost before:                            $20/bottle x 12 months = $240
Cost after:                               0 bottles = $0
Total annual savings:  $240

Make-your-own body scrub versus purchasing name-brand body scrub: This one is good for partners and fun for the kids.

Cost before:                            $20/single-use scrub x 12 months = $240
Cost after:                               $40/1 tub coconut oil & 1 bag of brown sugar = $40
Total annual savings:  $200

Cheap movies rentals at home vs. Full-Price for new releases: Most regions have a cheap movie night be that on Telstra TV, or even the local cinema. Make the most of them.

Cost before:                            $20/film x 15 films/year = $300
Cost after:                               $10/film x 15 films/year = $150
Total annual savings:  $150

Tap water vs. Bottled water: A durable water bottle as a gift is a lovely idea and the best thing about it is the money you are helping someone else save in refills.

Cost before:                            $2.75/L x 365L/year = $1,004
Cost after:                               $0/unlimited litres = $0
Total annual savings:  $1,004

Home-brewed coffee vs. Coffee shop: I love this one and even better if you know how to do those fancy love hearts in your coffee like a Barista!

Cost before:                            $3.50/coffee/day x 365 = $1,277
Cost after:                               $0.75/coffee/day x 365 = $274
Total annual savings:  $1003

Refinance your home to a better rate: There’s nothing better for a relationship than less financial stress. It is the number one killer of partnerships. So anything you can do to reduce debt on your biggest asset will be a major win.

Cost before:                            $500,000 mortgage at 4% interest = $20,000
Cost after:                               $500,000 mortgage at 3.5% = $17,500

Total annual savings:  $2,500

The total annual savings from these 7 spending swaps is about $7k.

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