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Shoes that insult your financial intelligence

It's often said, you can tell a man by his shoes, but for women, it's more complicated, very complicated.

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To us, our shoes tell more about our personal style, the degree of comfort we have in expressing ourselves, how much we care for our foot and back health, as well as the depth of our pockets.

And let’s not forget our desire to circumference our feet with appropriately styled footwear to suit the occasion.

For these reasons (and there’s likely many more), we collect shoes. But regardless of the size of our collection, we sometimes still make purchases that make us blush with embarrassment.

Other times we make such cringe-worthy purchases that we don’t notice until we spot a new pair of white shoes in our collection, wonder how they got there, and then realise it’s really that black pair we got on sale last Spring, now covered in dust.

(What – They weren’t this gross when I brought them? I swear…)

For that reason, you can tell a lot about a woman’s relationship with money by her shoes.

When we love a pair of shoes, we either wear them up til the moment of jumping into bed or we save them, top of shelf for that special occasion.

So long as all your other finances are in check, that’s good spending.

If you shudder at one-too-many of the shoes in your collection than you wish to admit, then it’s time to start making retailers work harder to get you to spend your hard-earned cash.

(Wait. What?…I shouldn’t just hand over my money?)

Let us know your greatest shoe mistakes, why you regret them and why you made them on Facebook!

Don’t worry, well go first – enjoy the shoes we’d-rather-forget from our own personal shoe archives.

Hover over image below to read why we regret these!

Black shoes Clown shoes Slingback shoes Red shoes Gold shoes Comfy Shoes
These vampy and unbearably high heels should have stayed in the $30 bin out the front of Mollini.

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