Stop wasting time, start making money

It's time to start cutting out time wasters in your life and start seriously working toward your financial goals.

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I get a lot of different questions, but the one question I am asked most is “how can I make more money?”

Simple. Start cutting out time wasters in your life.

These wastes of your time may be people you’re spending time with, distractions like television and computer games — or the very common partying every weekend and drinking a little too much.

If you calculate the amount of time you waste on these activities, you will soon add up about 7-10 hours per week that could be better invested in being strategic in your business, to secure more business – thus to make more money.

What is more important to you, having a lot of people buzzing around you and spending a huge whack of time in partying, or having a handful of quality friends and spending more time focused on your next business goal?

For every person who is watching reality TV, out drinking all weekend, or just couch-surfing instead of networking… there is someone bounding ahead on the very competitive journey called business success.

Some classic time wasters you can remove ASAP

* Social media without a purpose.

* Spending time with friends who detract, instead of add, value to your life.

* Excessive alcohol consumption. Let’s face it: a hangover lasts far more than an hour. It can rob you of a week’s worth of productivity.

* Events with no purpose. If you don’t know why you should be going… Don’t.

* Mindless television (especially anything with ads).

Other time consuming activities you may wish to outsource

* Dinners (or another meal). If you calculate the time it takes to shop, prepare and cook your dinners it may be worthwhile bulk-buying dinner and re-heating it. This could save you the equivalent of a full day’s work every week.

* Ironing and/or house cleaning. Again, another time-consuming activity that can also be exhausting. Time saved here could be better spent at the gym working out to keep your body as fit as your mind.

* Admin tasks. All businesses have an excessive amount of admin to complete at times, sometimes daily. Don’t disappear down the rabbit hole of the filing system. Get a temp.

It all comes down to the one question you need to ask yourself regularly: how badly do you want it?

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