• FWX June qtr  0.9% (72.2pts)
  • FWX y-o-y change  -1% (72.2pts)
  • Total timeframe to Financial Gender Equality  101
  • Timeframe to Equality on Employment  31 years
  • Timeframe to Equality on Underemployment  16 years
  • Timeframe to Equality on Gender Pay Gap  21 years
  • Timeframe to Equality on Unpaid Work  101 years
  • Timeframe to Equality for Women On Boards  7 years
  • Timeframe to Equality on Superannuation  40 years
  • Gender Pay Gap  0.8pts (14.2%)
  • Gender Pay Gap sub-index  -1%
  • Employment sub-index  -2% (71%)
  • Superannuation sub-index  69%
  • Gender Gap Superannuation  31%
  • Underemployment Rate sub-index  8%
  • Education sub-index  92%
  • ASX 200 Women On Boards sub-index  67%
  • ASX 200 Women On Boards  0.1pts (33.5%)
  • Unpaid Work sub-index  65%

Skills Not Sex: What the top 10% do to win and how you can too!

Judith Beck
Why should a women’s journey in the workforce to success be any different to a man’s? Leadership should not be about your gender. For many women their career trajectory can get a bit thrown or they may not have the right support to guide them in their journey when they enter the corporate world. In this Masterclass, author of ‘No Sex at Work’ and recruitment expert Judith Beck takes us through what skills and behaviours the top ten percent of leaders (T10P’s) have that has made them successful in their careers and what you can do better to advance your own career.

Key discussion points and workshop areas:

  • Understanding the pathways to success?
  • What women should do but often don’t.
  • What the top 10% of great leaders do.
  • How you can follow suit to succeed on money and career.


Judith Beck
Judith Beck
Author of No Sex At Work, Judith Beck has had a stellar career in recruitment with Financial Recruitment Group, an executive search company she founded in 1995. Over her career, she has successfully placed thousands of candidates at senior to managing director level within the finance industry. What Judith learnt from recruitment led her to start Financial Executive Women (FEW) in 2013, an organisation that promotes the positive progression of women through experience, guidance and support. Judith launched her new book – ‘No Sex at Work’ in March 2021 and NSAW is a finalist for the Australian Career Book of the year, Royal Society of the Arts, Oceania. Judith is a sought-after speaker and media commentator.

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November 4, 2021
12:00 – 1:00 PM AEST
Judith Beck
Judith Beck
Author of No Sex At Work



November 4, 2021


12:00 – 1:00 PM AEST


$24.95 non-members

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