About Financy

Financy's purpose is to inform and empower women to be financially fearless and to support individual, business and government action towards economic gender equality.

Financy is a passionate movement that’s dedicated to improving the economic wellbeing of women and seeing Australia become a leader in gender equality.

Financy creates and publishes a variety of data, analysis, content and commentary on women’s financial progress and economic gender equality.

Financy is also home to the Women’s Index which measures the economic progress of Australian women with an aim to inspire them to live more courageously and confidently.

Fear is often what holds women back and this is particularly the case when it comes to they way we progress across wealth, employment, income, education, leadership and at home.

Financy speaks predominantly to women, but is inclusive of men.

Together, this is the only way forward – both women and men need to appreciate the value of Women’s Money Matters.

Meet Team Financy

Bianca Hartge-Hazelman

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Financy is all about encouraging women to be fearless in life by providing them with information to enhance their economic wellbeing.

Bianca is an entrepreneur and journalist who for the past five years has specialised in raising awareness around women’s finance and gender equality through content, data and commentary.

Bianca is also a data analyst and business consultant and has published extensively on political and business gender financial equality reforms as well as individual actions that impact the financial progress of women.

Bianca lists the creation of the Women’s Index™ as one of her proudest career accomplishments. Launched in 2017, the Index is a scorecard and report on the economic progress of Australian women and is aligned to the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) of which Financy is a signatory.

Bianca has previously worked for Australian Financial Review, Channel Nine’s Financial Review Sunday program, Kaplan Professional and the ABC. She is a regular contributor to Women’s Agenda, Yahoo Finance  and the Australia Financial Review.

Bianca holds a Communications Degree with a Broadcast Major, Masters Degree in Journalism and Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance.

Neil Hazelman

Neil Hazelman

Chief Creative Strategist

We support businesses and individuals to take action on the values that matter to them and their clients. It just so happens that gender diversity is increasingly one of them & we bring the creative expertise.

Neil is an award winning executive creative director, artist,  illustrator, designer, advertiser, marketer and brand man. He is also the strategist brains behind brand Financy and The Women’s Index™.

He brings over 25 years industry experience across global markets having worked in New York and London and consulted throughout the Asia Pacific. Neil is also an entrepreneur and the founder of creative cloud agency, We Are Why which brings bespoke teams together to execute on big ideas.

The companies he has worked for include the brand powerhouse Siegle & Gale (NY & London), Creative Activation (part of the Clemenger Communications and Publicis Omnicon Group) and brand & retail advertising agency Evocatif (part of the STW group and WPP).

Neil is a passionate creative person with extensive skills in promoting brands to consumers & shoppers and has an in-depth understanding of the social impact agendas to align with, in order to overcome barriers.

Neil has empowered many businesses to success by interpreting or determining strategic objectives, uncovering valuable insights to ignite ideas and as a perfectionist, following through to implementation. Neil’s ability to think media neutral has executed in many 360º activations for numerous us Australian and the world leading brands.


Nicki Hutley

Nicki Hutley is a highly experienced economist with broad-based expertise gained over three decades of practice in financial and investment markets and in economic consulting. Nicki is an independent economic consultant working with Social Outcomes, She is also a Councillor on the Climate Council and expert faculty (economics) with SingularityU Australia. Nicki is a former partner at Deloitte Access Economics. She has worked for both public and private sectors, and in financial markets and investment management. Nicki is a sought after keynote speaker and she appears regularly in the media including on The Drum and The Project.

Cathryn Lyall

Cathryn Lyall, Adviser to Seed Space Venture Capital and a Non Executive Director (NED) for Fintech Australia plus many boards including Hutly. She has over 31 years experience in global Capital Markets as a Derivatives Trader, Exchange Executive, Strategic Advisor and markets infrastructure specialist. She also co-founded Seismic Foundry, a discretionary fund investing in SEIS and EIS eligible Capital Markets FinTech in London and remains a Partner.

Judith Beck

Judith Beck

Judith Beck had a stellar career in recruitment with Financial Recruitment Group, an national executive search firm she founded in 1995. Over her career, she has successfully placed thousands of candidates at senior to managing director level with some of Australia’s most successful financial institutions. Judith has recently published No Sex at Work sharing the do’s and don’ts that she has learnt from her own experiences. In 2012, to follow her passion for helping women achieve, Judith also founded Financial Executive Women (FEW) and was CEO until June 2020. Judith is a sought-after speaker and media commentator.

Kristin Westlake

Kristin Westlake

Kristin Westlake is the founder and principal of PR, marketing and corporate affairs consultancy Continuum Partners, which operates in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and mainland China. She has an extensive background specialising in communications for technology and financial services companies. She has previously worked for BT Financial Group and has been a non-executive director of Quantopian.