Financy’s purpose is to empower readers to become financially fearless and we’re on a mission to make this happen.

Financy is a passionate movement that’s dedicated to improving the economic wellbeing of women.

Financy.com.au creates and publishes a variety of content on women’s money matters.

Financy is also home to the Women’s Index which measures the economic progress of Australian women with an aim to inspire them to live more courageously and confidently – to be FEARLESS.

Fear is often what holds women back and this is particularly the case when it comes to wealth building, careers, pay and education.

Financy speaks predominantly to women, but is inclusive of men.

Together, this is the only way forward – both women and men need to appreciate the value of Women’s Money Matters.


Bianca Hartge-Hazelman

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Financy is all about encouraging women to be fearless in life by providing them with information to enhance their economic wellbeing.

Bianca Hartge-Hazelman is an entrepreneur and journalist who is focused on improving the economic wellbeing of women.

Prior to Financy, Bianca’s career spanned major media companies where she covered Australia’s financial markets, business activities and economics.

In 2016, Bianca took a voluntary redundancy from Fairfax Media’s Australian Financial Review to boot-strap the creation of women’s money publisher Financy.com.au and a year later she launched the Financy Women’s Index – a scorecard and report on the economic progress of Australian women.

The vision for both initiatives came from a place of fear – a bizarre admission but an honest one. This fear came from reading too much negative news as a journalist, particularly on the social and economic disadvantages women face compared to men globally, and then looking in her daughter’s eyes and wondering how you can make things better.

Bianca is happily married with three children, and when not running after them, she works tirelessly to create content and spark conversations that will better inform and educate women on how to become fearless and progress their own economic happiness.

Bianca holds a Communications Degree, Masters Degree in Journalism and Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance.