We believe we have the power to inspire every woman to achieve financial fitness and reach their financial goals.

At Financy we get women, so we are on a mission to deliver finance in a way that connects.

Financy is an online women’s money magazine which represents a movement towards women living their best, most fulfilling lives through achieving their money goals.

Leading us on this movement is Bianca-Hartge-Hazelman, our Founder, CEO, finance journalist and Smart Financial Living Advocate.

What began as a passion to deliver a fresh and engaging take on finance to fellow investors and smart shoppers, has now given rise to a rediscovery of financial fitness – it’s a lifestyle that transcends the pages of dull financial clutter and enhances the lives of readers – just like that favourite beauty mag, fashion brand or holiday destination.

Producing daily articles in our website magazine, weekly newsletter and discussion in our online communities, our content provides readers with a distinct sense of confidence, courage and smart approach to life.


Bianca Hartge-Hazelman

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Financy is all about doing finance a bit fancy for women who want more now.

Bianca Hartge-Hazelman is an entrepreneur and journalist who is renowned for her longstanding career covering financial and business news for some of Australia’s largest media companies. Her work has enriched publications – such as the Australian Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age; as well as digital programs – including Channel Nine’s Financial Review Sunday program, Fairfax Digital, ABC Radio, ABC’s Stateline, Sky News, Channel Seven, The Weather Channel, WIN News and the Finance News Network in Sydney.

An unbridled commitment to generating awareness, engagement and inspiration are the foundation of Bianca’s approach to news reporting.

Bianca created Financy after the realization, while on maternity leave with her second daughter, that the traditional dull-lens applied to financial publications and content, was not empowering enough women towards financial independence, nor did it resonate deeply with the lifestyle pursuits of all women. Financy corrects this communication challenge through the delivering of personal finance content that taps into the female psyche, connecting women with their goals, and uses tools of entertainment, engagement, education and style to inspire women to live their best life.

Bianca holds a Communications Degree, Masters Degree in Journalism and Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance.

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