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Organise your DEI data in the one place with a simple yet robust self-assessment, dashboard & IMPACTER Badge to promote your performance.

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Minimise DEI risk, support compliance and improve brand reputation with analysis, actions and accountability tools.

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Customise how you measure and track DEI initiatives with tailored solutions for your teams, white labelled options and integrations to improve business performance.

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Questions & Answers

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What types of information does Impacter ask for

The IMPACTER self-assessment asks for personal and business information, including sensitive information at an individual level such as do you have a disability, what’s your ethnicity or what’s your sexual orientation etc, all of which allows us to build your DEI position for performance analysis.

We have given you options so that you and or your employees can decide to leave a particular field blank or choose “Not Applicable”.

To read more about how we treat personal information, including sensitive information, and how it may be shared, please read our privacy policy upon signing up to IMPACTER and review the Privacy Collection Statement(s) within the app.


What size company can use Impacter?

If you’ve got at least one Full-Time employee then you can use IMPACTER!

The software is best suited to organisations with 5 or more employees and who have an interest in improving their position on diversity, equity and inclusion.

IMPACTER is particularly beneficial to those organisations that have compliance obligations relating to gender diversity in the workplace or broader diversity targets, or who might be reporting to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) or who are pursuing a BCorp certification.

What information do I need to get started with Impacter?

There are 2 parts to IMPACTER that you need to consider to get started and complete your DEI performance journey.

  • Company profile: Depending on your organisation’s size, you may need company details at hand, including your employee headcount and understanding which broad sector your organisation sits in.
  • Self-assessment: All subscribers (free and premium) can expect to be asked questions that relate to financials (EBIT) information, diversity composition across gender, age, ethnicity, disabilities and sexual orientation. Plus information on salaries by position, gender diversity across the workplace, leadership and governance structure, as well as information on their DEI policies/initiatives across employment, opportunities, superannuation, parenting, types of leave, education, gender diversity and belonging.
How can Impacter support business performance?

IMPACTER helps to support business performance by measuring and validating the effectiveness of an organisation’s approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Studies show that when employees feel valued for their differences, they are likely to be more satisfied, innovative, productive and let’s be honest, more likely to stick around – all factors that support business performance.

IMPACTER also provides insights and recommendations from experts to support organisations in taking action. This information is provided in real-time.

Organisations can use IMPACTER to measure their current programs but to test-drive other ideas that have the potential to improve their business performance.


How does Impacter provide business with DEI clarity?

IMPACTER provides clarity on DEI by giving employers the ability to regularly assess their efforts in real-time, against Australian benchmarks and the performance of other organisations.

By leaning into clarity, employers can face up to their current performance and be educated on actions to plan for the future and manage risks.

Unique to IMPACTER Premium are analysis tools and an employee Inclusion survey, which ensures that business leaders are informed of any mis-match in their DEI processes and strategies.

What are some of the benefits of Impacter

When it comes to the IMPACTER features, there are many benefits that can help businesses perform better on DEI. These include:

• Creating positive brand awareness
• Saving time & resources
• Staying on top of DEI compliance
• Knowing where to spend
• Staying ahead of your competitors
• Improving staff retention and attraction
• Knowing what actions to take

How can Impacter help with compliance & WGEA reporting?

These are some of the IMPACTER assessment areas that may overlap with business compliance needs.

  • Gender pay gap monitoring
  • Gender pay gap transparency
  • Gender diversity in leadership
  • Diversity workforce composition
  • Supports for employees on domestic violence
  • Supports for employees on mental health
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Parental leave arrangements
  • Superannuation equity

Of the 170 questions included in IMPACTER Premium, a small number directly overlap with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA).

This means that if you are a WGEA participating organisation, you’ll be able to capture this information ongoing, access it in real-time and be able to better understand what you can do to improve your performance before it comes time to report on these activities.

IMPACTER also includes an employee Inclusion survey, which aligns with WGEA recommendations that all employees are invited to participate and a 60% response rate is needed for scoring to be triggered on your dashboard.

Coming soon is also a feature that allows you to upload your WGEA templates to save time on manually entering certain data into IMPACTER. Watch this space!

What happens to my data if I cancel Impacter?

Upon cancelling your subscription, we immediately delete your IMPACTER data.

Note that requests to ensure this takes place must be done in writing via email to

Once customer data has been deleted, any IMPACTER average scores obtained from using past organisation’s information will remain to maintain the integrity in historical benchmarking.

What is Impacter and how does it work?

IMPACTER is a cloud-based software that supports organisations with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) performance and compliance.

It was developed by gender equity advocate and conscious media company Financy Pty Ltd.

IMPACTER allows teams to utilise robust scoring and evidence-based assessment(s) to review DEI positioning on a quarterly basis from a top down and bottom-up perspective.

Among the key features, IMPACTER provides real-time data via a secure dashboard and best practice actions for business planning and risk management.