The EqualizHER podcast is about real equality stories that maketh the woman

The EqualizHER Podcast features life changing life stories on gender equality from remarkable women.

Host Bianca Hartge-Hazelman talks candidly to business leaders, public figures and change agents about their personal journeys – the highs and lows, and what they learnt along the way.
These women also share how their experiences with equality affected their money stories and the actions they take today, including what financial or tech apps they can’t live without

Joanne Master is a big deal in the Australian economics scene because it’s not everyday that you see a female chief economist – and …
Nicole Pederson-Mckinnon has spent a short life-time helping to raise the financial literacy of Australians through her media columns and tv appearances, and now …
Award-winning writer and social commentator Jane Caro was breastfed equality milk. Throughout her life and career she has always sought out what is fair …

Featured Guest

Nicole Pederson McKinnon

Financial Educator
Journalist, author and smart money educator, Nicole Pederson-McKinnon knew the pain of financial hardship as a young kid. Today that experience is what drives her in helping to educate the masses, particularly women on how to overcome financial inequalities.

Joanne Masters

Economist, media commentator and gender equality advocate, Jo Masters shares her own light-bulb moment on gender pay gaps when working in financial markets and how she has overcome them.

Jane Caro

Media Commentator & Writer
Writer, author and social commentator Jane Caro was born a feminist and has lived a life that passionately believes in equality. In the EqualizHER she shares her personal story of wins, challenges and what never being afraid to lose has taught her.

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