5 reasons you may never be wealthy

You have the ability to create and generate more wealth and abundance in your life you just need to know how.

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Some of us may think we’ll never be wealthy, but I’ll let you in on a little secret; the potential for riches simply isn’t exclusive to some people and not to others.

We all have the ability to create and generate more wealth and abundance in our lives we just need to know how.

That “how” requires you to get clear on what you think, how you feel and what you do with your money.

If you seem to struggle with wealth, this might be why:

1. You’re too busy living in the moment

You’re living life and loving the present moment, but ignoring the future, spending, not saving, using credit instead of cash, only paying the minimum repayments on credit cards and personal loans.

Solution?  Connect with your future self.

Studies on the brain show that we tend to think of our future self as someone we don’t really know so we prioritise our current self over our future self.

Think ahead one year, how do you want to be living your life?

2. It’s just not a priority for you

You say you want to be wealthy, but you aren’t doing anything to prioritise your wealth, you don’t have a plan and you let your bad habits rule, you don’t invest in your financial literacy or building the skills you need to manage money better.

Solution? Work out what you are prioritising instead in your life at the moment.

If you’re not sure, have a look at your bank statement – what we spend our money on tends to reflect priorities.

3. You don’t have a plan for your spending

You don’t tell your money where to go, so you end up wondering where it went, you aren’t intentional with your spending and you don’t have a plan for your money.

Solution: Don’t create a budget, create a spending plan.

Let’s face it budgets are restrictive and a total freedom killer, but spending plans are empowering because you allocate your money intentionally and in accordance with your priorities and values.

4. You’re trying to keep up with the Joneses

You love to have the latest, newest, greatest and most beautiful things, you’re attracted to shiny objects and you hate to admit it but you’re a little influenced by others opinions and expectations, you believe that your value and success lies in what you wear, how you look and what you own.

Solution? Focus on what you have already.

Try practicing a little bit of gratitude for what you already have in your life.

5. You believe money can buy you happiness

You’re on a mission to spend your way to that happy feeling, you feel the rush when you purchase something new and you’re little addicted to the short-lived serotonin boost delivered by some retail therapy, you tend to use the statements “I’ll be happy when…” and “Once I have… I will be happy”.

Solution? Get in touch with what truly makes you happy.

While money makes life easier, it won’t automatically bring lasting and true happiness.

The clearer you can get on how to use money to create happiness, the easier it will be to begin to use wealth more on those things and less on the things that bring only fleeting happiness.

Once you realise that you are in control of your wealth and that your money is an element of wealth, you can begin to use it to build more wealth in your life.

Once you begin to understand and value wealth for what it is you begin to connect to it and are far more likely to do things that support you in creating a wealthy life.

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