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Are extreme beauty treatments worth the cost?

From eyeliner to liposuction, what are the pros and cons of spending big and small in the world of beauty treatments?

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It’s often difficult to attach a value to beauty treatments. Some women will spend extravagantly on looking good, while others simply won’t.

I’m a little in between. When I’m spending on beauty products and treatments, I tend to go for longevity and price, and that’s irrespective of buying a good lipstick or pampering myself with a Day Spa splurge.

In this article, I’ve decided to take a look at the pros and cons of spending big on two popular beauty treatments over spending a small sum.

Is permanent eyeliner worth the cost?

There is such a thing as “permanent” eyeliner – although it isn’t really permanent. It typically lasts for about a year.

Permanent eyeliner could be compared to a tattoo. However, the ink doesn’t typically penetrate the skin as deeply as the ink a tattoo artist uses to apply a tattoo.

The first thing you’d want to examine is the cost for your current eyeliner.

The second is the value of the time it routinely takes you to apply your eyeliner.

In Australia, some of the most popular mass-market brands of eyeliner can cost anywhere from $6.50 to $38.00.

Experts recommend replacing liquid or gel eyeliner every three months but let’s face it, many of us keep them a lot longer than that.

Let’s say your preferred brand is an eyeliner pencil that retails for $16.50. If you buy a new pencil once every 6 months, the yearly cost of your eyeliner pencils is $33.00.

If it takes you one minute per eyeliner application, and you typically apply your eyeliner once per day, that means you typically spend 365 minutes per year applying eyeliner.

In comparison, permanent eyeliner typically costs starts at $500 but can go up to $1000.

Touch-ups typically cost between $200 and $700 after that. On average, the procedure will typically take about an hour.

Let’s evaluate using a cost of $500 per year for the initial application and for later touch-ups. $500 – $33 = $467. So in this example, you’d be spending an additional $467, over and above the raw cost of your eyeliner pencil, to get permanent eyeliner.

If it takes you six hours per year to apply eyeliner, you’d spend five hours more per year applying eyeliner the old-fashioned way than you’d spend having permanent eyeliner applied.

You’d have to value your time at a cost of at least $93.40 per hour for the permanent eyeliner to be an equivalent value.

Given that the average Australian woman earns between $60,000 and $70,000 a year, it is safe to say that the old fashion eyeliner is a better money buy.

Is Liposuction really worth it?

Liposuction is a beauty treatment that’s intended to remove unwanted fat, resulting in a sculpted shape and an ever-so-slightly sleeker silhouette.

Vaser liposuction costs a bare minimum of $4,000. Vaser hi definition liposuction costs upwards of $10,000.

There are bunches of other amazing things you could do with that much money – like invest in your superannuation and save for a house or pay off debt or save for a world trip.

But, there is one thing we can definitively say is not worth it. We’ve analysed the possible risks associated with liposuction, and we found that there are many dodgy cosmetic surgeons in operation.

If you do commit to having liposuction, we absolutely recommend paying full price instead of seeking a so-called bargain. Botched cosmetic surgery procedures are costly, painful and embarrassing.

Fixing them can be challenging. They are not worth it. If you are going to have liposuction, you want it to be done correctly the first time.

You should only work with a reputable facility. It’s best to choose a specialist plastic surgeon who is accredited by the Commonwealth Government of Australia, via the Australian Medical Council.

Assuming you choose your plastic surgeon wisely, it is solely your own judgement whether liposuction would truly be worth the money for you.
A 2004 study determined that 80 percent of the surveyed liposuction patients were generally satisfied with their procedures afterwards.

Despite this there are some patients who are inevitably left with regrets after their procedures are complete.

What’s important is to always do your homework before spending on extreme beauty treatments, because that’s what’s going to be key to your results and of course feeling satisfied about what you are spending.


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