Show your fearless support for financial gender equality

Financy is committed to seeing Australia achieve economic gender equality. To help women, business and government take action towards financial progress and equality we invite you to participate in the consultation phase of the Economic Equality Pact 2030.

The Economic
Equality Pact 2030

In developing the Pact, we have researched and considered the views of gender equality thought leaders, as well as the FWX Advisory Committee and many of our strategically aligned organisations.

In committing to this Pact organisations are making a pledge to help close at least six areas of financial inequality, as measured quarterly in the Financy Women’s Index.


Closing the Education gender gap

  • We work to provide internship or mentoring programs to girls in years 11 and 12 and at university to support diverse career choices.
  • We encourage equal participation of men and women in education and mentor programs that support career development


Closing the Employment gender gap

  • We work to have a diverse supply base that includes introducing or adding women-owned businesses as an additional supplier evaluation criteria.
  • We provide flexible or remote work arrangements for all staff.
  • We have documented policy to support zero tolerance for gender discrimination or violence against women in the workplace.


Closing the Superannuation gender gap

  • We provide Super Guarantee payments on parental leave regardless of gender. 
  • We provide information or workplace incentives to help female employees contribute more to their balances to help close the gender gap.  


Closing the Leadership gender gap

  • We work to ensure equal representation of at least 40% women in leadership positions within our organisation. 
  • We have a proactive internal policy in place to improve gender diversity in leadership.


Closing the Unpaid Work gender gap

  • We offer non-gendered and equal paid parental leave to all parents.


Closing the Gender pay gap

  • We have a proactive and documented policy to support reducing gender pay gaps where they exist within our organisation.
Advancing Women in Business and Sport
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6 organisations signed up to the Economic Equality Pact 2030 when it first launched in September 2021. These Foundation Signatories continue to be key supporters of the Pact, and gender diversity initiatives in Australian workplaces. 



CHEFIN Platform enables Chefs to see a clear career path to be successful and happy at running their own businesses & to share their passion & creativity for food. Proudly Australian and 100% independent.  CHEFIN has enabled more than 200 Chefs to serve more than 60,000 guests across 1,496 bookings in Australia, China & the World. We like to think of CHEFIN as being a food community that connects Chefs with Hosts. It’s a private home dining experience, a unique corporate catering experience, and an easy way to bring good food to good people. There’s nothing that connects people together better than the joy of taste. Our aim here is to foster communication, nurture relationships, and inspire memories the universal joy of shared food experiences.




MindArc is an eCommerce and technology company specialising in web development, digital marketing & telecommunications. MindArc are also on a relentless path internally to attain true equity in everything we do. From leadership opportunities, learning opportunities, equal pay and equal opportunities is something we strive for but we can do much better. This pact holds us accountable and gives us that drive we currently lack to keep pushing and perusing true equity.

Blossom App

Blossom App is an Australian fin-tech company that is committed to making the financial services industry more accessible for women. Founded by young entrepreneur Gaby Rosenberg and backed by Gleneagle Asset Management, Blossom provides Australians with a simple way to invest in ‘fixed income’ assets.

Finesse Financial Advisers

Finesse Financial Advisers

Finesse Financial Advisers strives to provide ‘life-changing” financial planning, advice and services to women. Founded by Genene Wilson, the goal at Finesse is to change women’s lives, to help them make smart financial decisions personally and in business, so they get control of their money and future.

Seed Space

Seed Space is an Australian and Swiss based early stage venture capital firm that supports founders and innovators to change the future of financial services. Seed Space is very serious about doing our part to close the gender pay gap and work toward financial gender equality. Fintech is a lamentably male dominated industry and while we continue to shine a light on our amazing female founders and leaders, we’ve also signed up to the Financy Economic Equality Pact 2030. In doing so, we’re committing publicly to do more to ensure economic equality in our own team, as well as mentoring these concepts with our portfolio companies and through our seats on various Boards. 

Women for Election

Women for Election

Women for Election provides non-partisan training events, workshops and networking opportunities to inspire and equip more women to run for public office in Australia. Signing this Economic Equality Pact is important as the more women we have in our parliamentary chambers, who come from diverse backgrounds and lived experience, the more we have the skill sets to consider and execute on policy that are important to women and our communities more broadly.



Meggie Palmer founded PepTalkHer after her own experience of inequality at work. She’s personally coached women to receive raises as small as an extra $5 an hour (it added up to bed $10k over the year) all the way up to multiple 6 figure raises. PepTalkHer runs corporate programming for brands including Salesforce, JP Morgan & LinkedIn. We work in-house with companies to recruit, retain & promote too diverse talent.

Equanimity Project Australia

Equanimity Project Australia

The Equanimity Project Australia is an innovative charitable organisation that articulates the story of two women who have never met but both are trapped in their own prison. One had her freedom taken away by no other reason than misfortune, and the other was locked in a cycle of mental and physical abuse. What they have in common, is the same monster imprisoned them both – inequality.



Growmotely is a tech-driven global staffing startup, building the decentralized future of work. With a focus on conscious culture, we help growing companies build highly-aligned teams.

Super Rewards


Super-Rewards is where loyalty meets superannuation. We’re a shopping platform where 500 of Australia’s leading retailers – including ebay, Apple, Energy Australia, Catch – pay cash back into your superannuation account when you purchase through Super-Rewards. The fusion of the key concepts of gender equality, superannuation and Fintech encapsulate the Super-Rewards model.

Money Queens

Money Queens

The Money Queens mission is to empower the next generation of financial feminists to push for gender equality when it comes to money. From school presentations and workshops to the Money Queens guidebook for teenage girls, we’re all about closing the gaps and helping girls rule their money! Supporting Financy as a signatory to the Economic Equality Pact gives us an opportunity to walk our talk.


Wisr (ASX: WZR) is Australia’s first neo-lender with a commitment to the financial wellness of all Australians, through providing a smarter, fairer and wiser collection of financial products and services. Wisr provides personal loans, Australia’s only credit comparison services with, and apps, content and other products that use technology to provide better outcomes for borrowers, investors and everyday Australians.

Super Fierce

Super Fierce shares Financy’s bold goal to democratise economic security and close the $30 trillion global gender wealth gap. Super Fierce is a financial services company which helps people get a better deal out of super. Their mission is to make appropriate, relevant and affordable financial advice accessible to every Australian woman. We started with superannuation because it is ubiquitous, there are 8 million women with money in super and the average savings in unnecessary lifetime super fees is over $100,000.


Women’s Commercial Finance Forum

The Women’s Commercial Finance Forum (WCFF) was incorporated in 2020 to directly address the under-representation of women in the Financial Services industry who are supporting the Financial wellbeing of Australian Business owners and their families.

We are also committed to bringing the knowledge and experience of our members to all Australian business communities because we believe having the right Finance Partner can make a big difference to our overall financial wellbeing.

Western Sydney Women

Western Sydney Women

We are the only organisation that advocates for girls and women across Western Sydney with a goal to ensure financial independence and confidence. We are about long term generational change to ensure every single girl and woman has an opportunity, provided with support and resources to help them to stand on their own two feet which requires equal pay and equal representation.

Women Talking Finance

Women Talking Finance

My company provides financial education and empowerment to women so they can create financial security and freedom. By signing this pact, I am taking positive steps not just with the work I do, but how I operate my own business to promote economic security for women.

Quantum Impact Group

Quantum Impact Group

Quantum Impact Group was founded by Kate Boorer and Fiona Pearman who are passionate about equipping women to reconnect with their authentic power to advance their careers, and change the systems and structures they engage with.

FairVine Super

FairVine Super is a super fund designed for women and 90% of our members are women – we are dedicated to helping close the gender pay gap and the super gap.


The Human Collective

The Human Collective

The Human Collective exists to create a connected ecosystem of women & non-binary folk in technology. This community connection helps ensure diverse people not only stay in the tech industry, but flourish in it and move into influential leadership roles.

Aspire Planning

Aspire Planning

Aspire Planning works with its clients to create financial security while encouraging and supporting them to live a happy, healthy, and well-balanced life. This generally requires a very deliberate and mindful approach from our clients.



Read through the Economic Equality Pact and ask yourself, can my organisation make the pledge to help make these points a reality by 2030. If yes (and we hope it is) contact Financy about signing the Pact and send us your company logo to get started.

Yes! We want to hear what you are doing to meet the commitments of the Economic Equality Pact 2030. Plus we also want to know if you are going above and beyond. Once we have this information from you, and once we see this in action, we can promote your efforts on our platform.

The Economic Equality Pact 2030 is aligned to the key areas of financial inequality identified in the Financy Women’s Index. In developing the Pact we researched the measures that are likely to be effective in moving the dial on progress. We reviewed these measures with the members of the Financy Women’s Index Advisory Committee and with the Centre for Workplace Excellence at UniSA. Financy also opened this Pact up to a two month public consultation period prior to inviting signatories.

The Economic Equality Pact 2030 is open to organisations of any size, who wish to take a stand in support of gender financial equality.  Only an authorised person from an organisation can sign the Pact.


Show that your organisation is committed to changing the game on gender equality.