Friday: AUD higher, June 30 tax tips, IGA price cuts and JEEP.

The Aussie dollar has edged higher, June 30 tax tips for businesses, and IGA supermarkets to end aggressive food discounting for now.

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The Australian dollar has climbed higher and is buying around $US0.76 as global stocks rallied on investors bets that Britons were likely to vote to remain in the 28-nation European Union and avoid economic uncertainty. 

The prospect of Britain leaving the EU has been popularly described as “Brexit” which is short for “British exit. It has come about as many Brits voice their dissatisfaction with being tied to laws dictated by the EU, such as migration and even fruit sizes.

There’s just one week until June 30, so here’s some money tips to help businesses with end-of-financial year tax deductions. The recommendations include paying your superannuation early, reviewing and depreciating assets, write off bad debts, prepay expenses and if you’re able defer any additional income hitting your bank account until July 1.

Aggressive price cutting at the supermarket by IGA parent company Metcash will soon come to an end, according to Fairfax Media. The company’s boss has said lower prices on its black-and-gold range of food and products was unstainable.

And if you’ve recently bought a JEEP take note, almost 50,000 of them in Australia are being recalled because they can roll away when they are left in the park position. See the recall notice details here.

A recall is already underway in the US, but the fault has been thrust into the spotlight after it was linked to the death of Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin this week.

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