Canna Campbell

How the SugarMamma manages money

Social media star and Financial guru SugarMamma's Canna Campbell shares with us what she tells her clients about money and investing it.

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Canna Campbell is the SugarMamma – she loves the odd splash on high-end fashion as well as a good layby. Yet, she’s also a woman who’s making a difference to the financial worlds of thousands of men and women through her video blogs and company SASS Financial.

But when this single 35 year-old mum isn’t running two successful businesses, how does she manage her own money?

“I practice what I preach, I am on the same wealth creation journey as many of my clients,” says Campbell.

“I’m not a saver or a spender, I’m an investor.”

Like most people, she has had her fair share of good and bad money decisions.

“I have most definitely wasted money and made bad investments prior to becoming a financial adviser,” she says.

“The worst one I made was selling a managed fund during the economic downturn in early the 2000s. I crystallised a loss when I should have held tight. However I used the proceeds to invest into something else.”

“My superannuation account is invested for the long run. It is predominately made up of Australian stocks and International exchange traded funds (ETFs), no property, and is very much a long term buy and hold strategy which works for my financial goals.”

Campbell’s financial journey was inspired by her father, who helped her start investing as a teenager and she has never looked back.

The experience undoubtedly gave her the confidence to pursue a career as a financial adviser and just 10 years ago, she started SASS Financial.

“My relationship with my clients is key. At the moment we are really happy with where we are and are just enjoying the organic growth whilst inspiring a wider network through the YouTube channel, SugarMamma.”

Since setting up SugarMamma TV a year ago, Canna has amassed a following of 60,000 fans across social media and her educational video blogs (VBLOGs) on YouTube get as much as 8,000 views a week.

But presenting on camera was never really in her master plan, rather it was something that took her some convincing.

“I toyed with the idea for a while, however it wasn’t until my client and YouTube sensation, Chloe Morello, inspired, encouraged and empowered me to go out and do this, that I really decided to put my head and heart into this and make it a hobby, which has turned into a passion. I owe a lot to her and am eternally grateful for her support.”

At any given week, Campbell films her video blog from her Sydney home and covers simple topics such as how to save each week, to more complex discussions on investing in the share market.

“I respect how money can be a powerful tool in our lives and if we use it correctly, not only can we improve our own lives but more importantly we can help more people around us which has a magnifying effect.

“I believe life is all about balance, with health, relationships, intellectual growth, spirituality and financial freedom.

“Yes, I love a few indulgences, which include my love for designer handbags but I like to enjoy them guilt free knowing that I have my priorities in check. And I only reward myself with those types of purchases if my goals, both personal and financial, have been sufficiently achieved at the end of the year.”

Indeed to avoid the guilt, she’s also a fan of the good-old layby.

“Most of my purchases are guilt free as I save up for them or layby them before buying.

“However I did have an emotional splurge when my son was born – out of emotional exhaustion, hormones and a reflux baby. I purchased a Burberry trench coat as an expected purchase for myself.

“Fortunately it is an absolute classic and I still love it and expect I will be wearing it into my 80’s!”

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