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The IMPACTER platform provides a robust framework to audit your business on DEI and track your results in real time so that you can support business performance.

Impacter - Measure and track diversity equity inclusion
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Improve business performance with DEI insights

Learn by completing our assessment on diversity and equity and discover how you can improve business performance.

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Enrich staff wellbeing and attract talent

Learn what DEI policies and initiatives matter most to your employees and whether your actions are effective.

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Improve brand reputation with authenticity

Celebrate your achievements by sharing your Impacter score with confidence via our specially designed templates.

Lead through DEI performance

We keep up with the experts on DEI, so that you can focus on business.

Increase the spotlight on your business, for all the right social impact reasons
Impacter Deep Dive
Impacter Deep Dive
Impacter Deep Dive
Impacter social impact
Impacter benchmarks analysis

Make financial decisions informed by social impact

Impacter helps you understand the business case for diversity, equity and inclusion, and gender equality.

For compliance and reporting

The Impacter allows for continuous monitoring,  benchmarking and reporting of areas that are in the spotlight such as:

• Gender pay gap  
• Gender diversity in leadership
• Diversity workforce composition
• Supports for employees on domestic violence
• Supports for employees on mental health
• Flexible work arrangements
• Parental leave arrangements
Superannuation equity

DEI Clarity and Compliance
Financy Impacter DEI Results

Let the world know what you stand for

By committing to being a DEI Effective employer you can enhance your brand positioning, which can increase customer engagement, investor opportunities and profitability.

Impacter features

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Impacter strives to make DEI reporting simpler through integration


Popular Integrations

Impacter allows for integration with a number of popular applications to reduce admin headaches and make presenting data easier.


WGEA considered

If you are a WGEA participating organisation you’ll be able to capture this information ongoing, access it in real-time and be able to better understand what you can do to improve your performance before it comes time to report on these activities.

Impacter has been tested by some of Australia's most progressive companies

Equality Effective

“As a small-to-medium enterprise (SME) operating with limited resources and time constraints, Impactor proved to be an user-friendly and intuitive tool. It empowers business owners and managers to self-assess their performance in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The platform not only measures what is already known to the owner or manager but also facilitates team engagement in DEI performance evaluation in a safe and inclusive manner. This inclusive approach provides valuable insights and measurable feedback, serving as a tangible reality check on the extent of progress needed to effectively lead in the realm of diversity, equity, and inclusion. It not only highlights areas requiring improvement but also acknowledges where the business is excelling, enabling the team to celebrate success and establish targets for further enhancement. Ultimately, this experience has imparted a genuinely valuable lesson to our business—by making the invisible visible.”

Nick Lane



“Wisr was among the first companies to participate in the Impactor app pilot program in November 2022. As a purpose-led company whose mission is to improve the financial wellness of the community in which we operate, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are at the forefront of mind when making decisions at Wisr. The platform provided valuable insights and measurable feedback that complimented our existing metric-led approach and internal DEI reviews. It also highlighted where we excel, enabling the team to celebrate success and know through third-party verification that our purpose and DEI initiatives promote the integration of diversity at all levels within the organisation, allowing us to embed our high-performance culture from the bottom up, create world-first innovations and build a company of meaningful size and scale."

Anna Denby

Media & Investor Communications Lead Wisr

Questions & Answers

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What is Impacter and how does it work?

IMPACTER is a cloud-based software that supports organisations with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) performance and compliance.

It was developed by gender equity advocate and conscious media company Financy Pty Ltd.

IMPACTER allows teams to utilise robust scoring and evidence-based assessment(s) to review DEI positioning on a quarterly basis from a top down and bottom-up perspective.

Among the key features, IMPACTER provides real-time data via a secure dashboard and best practice actions for business planning and risk management.

What does the Impacter assessment framework involve?

IMPACTER provides business owners, HR managers, finance teams and D&I managers among others, with a cloud-based solution to managing and improving DEI business performance.

Central to IMPACTER is a robust self-assessment, which includes 120 questions for employers and 50 for employees. Note this is only applicable to Premium subscribers.

IMPACTER has been developed in consultation with business experts and academics specializing in diversity, equity and inclusion.

IMPACTER has partnered with the University of South Australia’s Centre for Workplace Excellence to set, test and review the Impacter assessments and unique scoring algorithms.

All of the questions included across the IMPACTER are based on best practices strategies and recommendations in the Australian and global markets that have been shown to contribute to a positive impact on DEI.

How does Impacter provide business with DEI clarity?

IMPACTER provides clarity on DEI by giving employers the ability to regularly assess their efforts in real-time, against Australian benchmarks and the performance of other organisations.

By leaning into clarity, employers can face up to their current performance and be educated on actions to plan for the future and manage risks.

Unique to IMPACTER Premium are analysis tools and an employee Inclusion survey, which ensures that business leaders are informed of any mis-match in their DEI processes and strategies.

How can Impacter support business performance?

IMPACTER helps to support business performance by measuring and validating the effectiveness of an organisation’s approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Studies show that when employees feel valued for their differences, they are likely to be more satisfied, innovative, productive and let’s be honest, more likely to stick around – all factors that support business performance.

IMPACTER also provides insights and recommendations from experts to support organisations in taking action. This information is provided in real-time.

Organisations can use IMPACTER to measure their current programs but to test-drive other ideas that have the potential to improve their business performance.


How can Impacter help with compliance & WGEA reporting?

These are some of the IMPACTER assessment areas that may overlap with business compliance needs.

  • Gender pay gap monitoring
  • Gender pay gap transparency
  • Gender diversity in leadership
  • Diversity workforce composition
  • Supports for employees on domestic violence
  • Supports for employees on mental health
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Parental leave arrangements
  • Superannuation equity

Of the 170 questions included in IMPACTER Premium, a small number directly overlap with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA).

This means that if you are a WGEA participating organisation, you’ll be able to capture this information ongoing, access it in real-time and be able to better understand what you can do to improve your performance before it comes time to report on these activities.

IMPACTER also includes an employee Inclusion survey, which aligns with WGEA recommendations that all employees are invited to participate and a 60% response rate is needed for scoring to be triggered on your dashboard.

Coming soon is also a feature that allows you to upload your WGEA templates to save time on manually entering certain data into IMPACTER. Watch this space!

How is my data stored and will it be kept private?

IMPACTER is compliant with Australian Privacy Laws.

All information collected via IMPACTER is stored securely in our servers via Google Cloud and remains private and confidential.

All passwords and login details are encrypted and stored with Google Firebase.

Financy Pty Ltd and Tech for Good Group Pty Ltd in partnership with Morpheus Wealth Pty Ltd as the developers behind IMPACTER, will be exposed to your information (to the extent required to support the product) and will not publish this information.

A few other things to note here:

  • The customer owns their data.
  • The customer has the right to access and delete their data records from IMPACTER but must make a request to to do this.
  • Once deleted, scores obtained from organisations may still be used by IMPACTER at an aggregate level to assist in historical benchmarking.
  • Employee Inclusion data is confidential and employers are not permitted access to individual data.
  • Employee Inclusion data that is provide to employers will be done at an aggregate level, which means information will be de-identified.

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We look at the state of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Australia in the economic environment and what businesses are doing.