Money news, shopping tips, Telstra coverage, electricity bills and Brexit

In money news that affects your hip pocket, how digital devices are making shopping easier, Telstra's annoying outages and electricity bills.

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Money news that affects your hip pocket.

ANZ Bank will soon launch a new product into the market, called the Blade, which accepts digital payments while staff are with customers on the shop floor, rather than at the till, according to Fairfax Media.

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Telstra customers affected by a nationwide outage are being advised to call the telecommmunications giant to ask for money off their next bill or at least a boost to their current download or call limits. The network issue was restored last night but it caused massive problems for retailers and meant that around 60 Myer stores had to go cash only for Thursday late night shopping.

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Electricity bills can be really high over winter, begging the question: when was the last time you shopped around for a better deal? The latest national energy retail competition review, released by the Australian Energy Market Commission, found while overall competition is driving down prices, 50 per cent of electricity customers haven’t sought to change plans in five years.

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Brexit is getting even more interesting with Boris Johnson’s dramatic withdrawal from the Conservative leadership race he was favored to win. That aside financial markets remain volatile and here’s what a number of leading Australian-based portfolio managers think of it all.

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