Quick tips to mini-renos on your property

If renovating your property is on your mind, but your grand plans are not within your budget, maybe it’s time to scale back into bite-size portions.

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“We’re not talking anything major here. You’re not removing walls or anything because that’s bigger budget, says property presentation consultant, Kerrie Rogers from Launch My Pad.

“Sometimes the little things can create a big impact and cosmetic things are the easiest to tackle on a weekend.

“The great thing is, fixing these things work whether you’re staying or selling.

  1. Painting 
    The best quick fix renovation you can do is paint. Whites and neutrals are very much still in fashion. If you have colours that are gaudy or overwhelming a space, get rid of them and opt for neutral.
  2. Update handles and door knobs
    There’s a wide range of products available to suit any budget. You can get bulk packs at Bunnings, so you can save money there.
  3. Replace tap fittings
    It can be a cheap and very effective way of updating a tired bathroom, laundry or kitchen.
  4. Declutter
    Don’t create obstacles in the room layout. Keep it simple and make sure there is a good flow across the room.
  5. Update curtains and blinds
    If they’re getting old and you think “that looks tired”, get rid of it. Blinds are a streamline option over bulkier curtains, so you can cheat space there. Plus blinds are usually less expensive and come pre-made in a greater variety of sizes than curtains.
  6. Access furniture
    Less furniture gives you more space, which is obvious. And keep to one theme, don’t have federation pieces here, colonial there, Asian or coastal in the same room – that tends to make the room look messy.
  7. Tackle your tiles
    Regrouting is very inexpensive and really freshens a tiled room. While you’re there, replace any missing or loose tiles.
  8. Update light fittings
    Often we move in to a home and just stick with whatever is there, but updating your light fittings from a drab to modern styling can create more space as well as boosting the abundance of light in the space. Opt for warm hue lights in living areas and cool hue lights in wet areas.
  9. Keep a clear and welcoming entry
    There is nothing more off-putting to a guest than arriving to an entry area that’s full of junk that should be hidden in the garage or shed.
  10. Sand and polish wooden floors
    If you’ve got a few more dollars to play with but still not quite enough for a bigger renovation, say $2-3k, have your wooden floors sanded and polished. It really does give the whole house a lift.

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