Angela Priestley

The woman that’s setting the new Agenda

She acquired the women's career-minded publication Women’s Agenda, and now Angela is focused on the next steps for the business

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Angela Priestley is a woman who’s rocking it all at the moment – a newborn bub and online publishing.

Seven weeks ago she gave birth to her second child and paid out huge obstetric fees to a doctor that didn’t even make the birth – ouch!  Around the same time, she decided to single handily acquired the publication she helped start, Women’s Agenda.

It’s not easy running a business and let’s be honest, juggling two kids and breastfeeding duties in between it all. But Angela is up for the challenge, all of them.

Since acquiring the women’s career-minded publication that is Women’s Agenda for a sum she won’t disclose, Angela is taking time to focus on the next steps for the business. But what Financy really wants to know is how she manages her money.

“I am a saver,” says the 33 year old. “It doesn’t mean I do anything structured with my savings, it’s just that something tells me I should have money available and accessible.

“But that doesn’t always translate to sensible finance decisions.
“I can feel a little guilty about spending money on myself and I will often hesitate about making a significant personal transaction, even sitting on it for 24 hours or so before going ahead.
“I’m guilty of being a little disorganised with paying the odd personal bill on time, and with not staying entirely on top of my superannuation.
“In the last couple of weeks I’ve also managed to lose two credit cards in my short-lived attempt to stop carrying a wallet! I’m back carrying a wallet again.”
While Angela’s personal money life is a little disorganised, her biggest assets include owning Women’s Agenda and the family home, in Sydney’s inner west with her husband Mark.
Women's AgendaWe don’t like to over-complicate things, so our key financial goal is to get that paid off as quickly as possible and to potentially jump up the property ladder as our two boys get bigger. A backyard would be nice!”
As for Women’s Agenda, she’s got big plans and ambitions.
“I’m so lucky to now be able to use everything I’ve learnt from different entrepreneurs to continue to expand the business.
“I could name dozens of such entrepreneurs, and I’ve been lucky to have interviewed many of them for my work on Women’s Agenda.
“At the moment, it’s OzHarvest founder Ronni Kahn. I shared a panel with her earlier this week and just found her authenticity, determination and simple mission to ‘repurpose food’ for those who need it incredibly inspiring.
“There are a number of great female entrepreneurs that I look to as inspiration for success. I admire people with the resilience and tenacity to keep knocking on doors until they get what they want or need.
“People with great ideas and serious ambition to create their own careers and lifestyles and to be game-changers in their industry.

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