5 tips to stretch your fashion budget

Love clothes? Here’s five hot tips to help you get more with less.

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In an ideal world a fashion budget wouldn’t, but this isn’t fairyland and savvy shopping can often bring about the most pleasurable purchases.

Firstly to become a smart shopper you might need to acknowledge some facts from shopper research across various studies:

  • Women tend to spend more on shopping for clothes than men
  • Women tend to make the bulk of consumer purchases
  • The amounts women spend on shopping for themselves tend to taper off after about 45 years of age – but we would argue this happens after having kids!
  • Women tend to overspend more by shopping for themselves, more so than men
  • And many women believe that overspending on themselves to look good helps to make them more productive all round.

Indeed a 2013 Roy Morgan study found that the most lavish spenders are women who agree with the statement, ‘I wear clothes that will get me noticed’ with $1,288 being spent per year on items.

This is followed by women who agree that ‘it’s important to look fashionable’ and who spent $1,179 over the year on average.

Women who said they ‘buy a product because of the label’ spent on average $1,071 per year, while those who try to look stylish spent $1,031; and those who ‘look for quality over price’ spent around $907.

Our tips are, stick to a budget, stick to what works and know your style.

If you buy outside of your style it actually might end up costing you more money in dissatisfaction!

1. Stop waste 2. Shop the sale 3. Cheapskate with basics 4. Invest in quality 5. Stick to your style
4. Invest in quality. Some brands don't do quality well, so take time to know the difference. If you’ve ever brought a product and it shrunk, frayed, bagged-out, discoloured beyond the description on the label or became thread bare before 3-6 months, then this is a sign you’ve brought from a brand with a lack of expertise. Make sure you understand what your favourite brand does well before investing in key pieces.

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