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5 ways businesswomen can thrive

Five ways that women can push career boundaries and influence change in their industries.

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Hot on the heels of an international march in support of women’s rights, businesswomen are being urged to keep pushing the boundaries and keep making their voices heard.

Millions of people, including an estimated three-million Australians, marched across the country in response to the inauguration of Donald Trump as 45th president of the United States.

They were united with demonstrators around the world in their concern for what Mr Trump’s presidency could mean for women, homosexuals and migrants in America.

In today’s male-dominated business world, I’m a big believer that we must work together to stand out as leaders.

That doesn’t mean I am a bra-burning feminist. Rather I want to empower women to see them thrive.

So if you’re talented, capable and driven then it’s time to focus on ways that you can make real impact in your industry.

I’ve put together five ways you can be more influential:

Be brave

Becoming an influencer is not about playing it safe, so believe in yourself and take a risk.

Commit to your highest ambitions, crush your fears and push forward as a confident leader. A courageous mindset can turn obstacles into opportunities.

Find a mentor and be a mentor

Learning from others who have paved the way is a smart move.

Seek an inspiring mentor who can help guide your career and perhaps even connect you to more senior leadership positions. You will equally benefit by “paying it forward” and mentoring others.

This will not only have a positive impact on another businesswoman’s career, it will also expand your reach as an industry influencer.

Present yourself with confidence

The way you dress and present yourself communicates a lot about who you are and how you feel about yourself.

Your style, body language and attire should reflect your capabilities, intelligence and confidence.

Looking polished and making clever wardrobe choices will elevate your professional presence and communicate to others that you are someone they can trust, work with and capable so believe and invest in you.

Show up and speak up!

You are your own best publicist so put yourself out there and share your ideas and areas of expertise.

Attend women’s networking groups, socials and conferences related to your industry. Seize every opportunity to stand out as a leader and let your voice be heard with elegance of course!


Great leaders and influencers are skilled listeners. Find out the point of view of your peers and community so you know where you can make a difference.

When you are networking, listen to what other inspiring businesswomen have to say and you may discover invaluable mentors, new friends and potential brand ambassadors.

You may also receive valuable feedback that steers you further to your goals.

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