Baby boom, credit cards and busting Census fine myths

In money news that affects your hip pocket, the baby boom boosting share prices, and the truth about those Census fines.

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In hip pocket money news to wrap up this week.

Is Australia experiencing a new baby boom? The country’s biggest baby goods chain, Baby Bunting Group, has not just reported a 38 per cent jump in annual net profit but it also plans to open up to eight more stores.

It seems new parents can’t get enough of the baby stores, with demand for baby products on the rise, and so too has been the company’s share price – which has more than doubled from its $1.40 listing price.

American Express is launching a new payment plan for Australian customers which gives them the option to split large purchases into monthly instalments at zero per cent interest, according to

It’s called the Pay Your Way scheme and is intended to appeal to credit card holders who use their card to pay for large purchases during life events such as getting married, having a baby or moving house.

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Much has been said about this week’s Census crash, from the so-called hacking attempt, to the security of national data to those $180 fines.

But the truth is you won’t be fined unless you absolutely refuse to complete the Census by the September 23 deadline.

That’s a good six weeks to enjoy doing the online or manual paper work. So don’t stress.

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