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Women's Index

The Finance Women’s Index tracks and measures the economic progress of Australian women.

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Dr. Galia BarHava-Monteith is very comfortable with putting herself out there as a thought leader, not just because she knows her stuff but because

The 2024 Federal Budget delivered some hits and misses on economic gender equality, but on the whole, progress is being made.

FWX. Financy Women’s Index

This report is full of analysis and commentary on the barriers holding back and helping gender equality progress.

The Financy Women’s Index tracks and measures the economic progress of Australian women on a quarterly basis. The Index shines a light on gender inequalities and seeks to inspire action so that girls & women can live fearlessly.

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The Impacter app

The Impacter applies a smart lens on diversity, equity and inclusion, so that you can focus on people, purpose and performance.

Our system lets you create a dashboard that measures your DEI efforts, identifies gaps, compares by industry averages, provides quarterly tracking and maps out an action plan to boost sustainable performance.

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The Impacter shines a light on diversity via gender, race, agism, disabilities and sexual orientation. We also look at how these areas interplay with business performance.