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Best travel bang for your $A buck

What are the best international travel destinations when the Aussie dollar is lower?
Bianca Hartge-Hazelman
May 3, 2016

If international travel is one of your top money goals, then Vietnam and Dubai could offer the best value for Aussie dollars right now.

The Australian dollar is trading around $US0.76 on Tuesday and has been slightly boosted by expectations that the Reserve Bank of Australia will cut rates when board members meet later today.

While the weaker Aussie dollar makes travelling to Hawaii and other parts of the United States a whole lot more expensive then it was three years ago, the local currency is still offering value against currencies like the Euro and the Yen and most South East Asia currencies.

“I would say Vietnam is the best value travel destination for Aussies at the moment,” said Adam Schwab, chief executive officer of travel website LuxuryEscapes.com.

“You can get great airfares and luxury hotel packages, and eating, shopping and touring there is still great value. You can get a three course meal with drinks for two for about $10 Australian dollars,” said Mr Schwab.

“Europe is still affordable with the Aussie dollar slightly increasing its strength against the Euro, and with many options to save money on both airfares and hotels.

“With the Australian dollar remaining pretty static towards the dirham, now might also be the perfect time to fulfil your golden desert dream in the United Arab Emirates.

“Many flights stop in Dubai or Abu Dhabi when flying to Europe, but both cities are so much more than stopover-destinations – so take a few days out of your travel itinerary to explore the shopping and sand dunes!” he suggested.

The Australian dollar has only dropped a few cents against the currencies of Aussie favourite destinations such as Thailand and Bali.

However, because those destinations have been popular for so long, they can be quite pricey.

“Consider travelling to destinations such as Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, Burma or even Myanmar for better value,” said Mr Schwab.

“South East Asia is so much more than Thailand and Bali, and there are endless picturesque beaches and so much history and culture to explore.”

One tip in helping to make your international travel dollars go further is to pay what you can off your holiday before you leave Australia.

“The more you can pay for your holiday before you leave Australia in the local currency, the more you can save.

“So consider getting a travel package with as many inclusions as possible, such as breakfasts, meals, spa treatments and airport transfers,” said Mr Schwab.

Of course if international travel isn’t on your immediate “to-do” list, travelling in Australia is a great way to avoid any currency headaches.

“People around the world dream of one day visit our beautiful shores, but it can be sometimes difficult to appreciate what you have got and take the time and the money to explore what’s under our very nose.

“So why not take this year to discover what Australia has to offer, from the wine counties to our famous underwater wonders,” said Mr Schwab.

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Bianca Hartge-Hazelman
May 3, 2016
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