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Best value for money family holidays with luxury

We look at where to find the best value for money this Summer for a family holiday in and out of Australia.

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What destinations offer the most bang for your buck for Australian families this Summer?

We put this question to TripAdvisor and Luxury Escapes and found that when it comes to staying in Australia, the most popular places are Brisbane, Hobart and the Gold Coast.

Australians looking to travel overseas are looking at Honolulu, New York and London, and closer to home Singapore, Bangkok and Bali.

But does popularity equate to better holiday rates? Not necessarily.

The South Pacific ranked highly with Trip Advisor’s latest ‘Best Time to Book’ holiday report, with hotels averaging around $170 per night in the last two weeks of December.

The United States is also another great location during the holidays with hotels averaging around $183 per night,” says TripAdvisor spokesperson Joanne Kershaw.

“During the US Thanksgiving week of 21st-27th November, families will also be able to save 21 per cent off overall compared to earlier in the year when pricing is at its peak.

“Asia is also great value for money with hotels being a bargain at an average of only $89 for the holidays. If families book an Asian hotel from October to the end of the year they can also save 16 per cent or more versus peak rates.”

What’s trending?

According to Blake Hutchison, General Manager, Luxury Escapes more than eight million Australian’s are now travelling overseas annually and for many, there’s an overwhelming trend upward as luxury becomes more affordable.

“The standards previously offered to a small few are now widespread meaning private villas and things like beautiful dining experiences are becoming the norm.

“Despite some speculation that Australia’s love affair with Bali is beginning to wane, we’re in fact seeing incredible demand for the destination this summer, especially for villas and five star resorts in regions like Seminyak and Ubud.

“Luxury is as much in the details as it is in the big things, from the greeting by the doormat, to the plush beds, and the option to have your breakfast prepared by a chef in your own private villa.

These kind of luxuries are accessible to most Australians today – you just need to know where to look.

“In the past luxury travel was epitomised by grand hotel lobbies, a glass of champagne before takeoff and an express check-in, but luxury travel has evolved and become more about the experience than just the appearance.”

“While Australians want more from their travel, they are increasingly time poor, so we’re seeing huge demand for luxury packages that include not just accommodation, but increasingly tailored experiences such as cooking classes with a local, personalised shopping tours and ultra-lush spa treatments.”

What are the best tips for finding a holiday deal?

TripAdvisor booking data shows that shows significant savings can be gained if you know when to book.

“Travellers researching hotels across Australasia for their December holidays can find great value if they book on TripAdvisor during the late November lows where they can save 10 per cent compared to the early year peak,” says Ms Kershaw.

“Travellers can use TripAdvisor’s insights to cost-effectively book their next interstate or international holiday,” she said.

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