• FWX September qtr  0.9% (72.2pts)
  • FWX y-o-y change  -0.1% (72.2pts)
  • Total timeframe to Financial Gender Equality  101
  • Timeframe to Equality on Employment  31 years
  • Timeframe to Equality on Underemployment  16 years
  • Timeframe to Equality on Gender Pay Gap  21 years
  • Timeframe to Equality on Unpaid Work  101 years
  • Timeframe to Equality for Women On Boards  7 years
  • Timeframe to Equality on Superannuation  40 years
  • Gender Pay Gap  0.8pts (14.2%)
  • Gender Pay Gap sub-index  -1%
  • Employment sub-index  -2% (71%)
  • Superannuation sub-index  69%
  • Gender Gap Superannuation  31%
  • Underemployment Rate sub-index  8%
  • Education sub-index  92%
  • ASX 200 Women On Boards sub-index  67%
  • ASX 200 Women On Boards  0.1pts (33.5%)
  • Unpaid Work sub-index  65%

Budgeting tips for busy mums

budgeting tips for busy mums
Louisa Sanghera
July 27, 2017

Whatever you’re saving for, these budgeting tips for busy mums will help you save more than you’d think.

All you need is a little will-power and a defined budget plan.

The first step is to sit down and work out your exact expenditure.

By keeping a record, you will gain a clear picture of where your money is going, and be able to prioritise your expenditure.

Start by breaking down the costs and work out exactly how much you need to save each week – it will seem much less daunting.

There are big and small ways to save a few extra dollars or a lot, here’s some of them.

Save on petrol, join a school walking bus

Rather than paying to sit in stationary traffic on the congested roads around your kids’ school, enrol in a walking bus scheme or even start your own.

It’s a fun, social way for your kids to get to school with their friends and it is great exercise.

Buy second-hand uniforms

Isn’t it funny how a new school uniform looks like an old one within a couple of weeks?

Rather than pay a premium for clothing that’s going to get splattered with ink/paint/lunch/snot the moment it’s worn, save dollars by picking up items second-hand.

Start a book/toy-sharing club

You might find there’s a toy library in your area, and you will almost certainly have a library, which can be a really fun place to visit with the kids.

We all know how the novelty of a new play-thing soon wears off, so rather than shelling out for every new must-have lump of plastic, get together with a group of friends and exchange your toys and books.

Keep a gift stash

Aside from your own children’s birthdays, if you have a couple of kids, the cost of their social lives can quickly mount up.

So when you spot some good gifts on sale, buy them bulk and stash them away.

For your own kids, buying a gift every month or so and putting it away makes for a much easier time of it financially, when their birthday comes around.

Shop alone – or at home

Ever noticed how much less you spend on the weekly shop when you go it alone?

No kids (or partners, for that matter) begging for overpriced, unhealthy or unnecessary items.

Or better still shop online at home and avoid any temptations yourself.

You can get free delivery certain times and days of the week.

You also get to see what you’ve spend before you pay – and because you have to actively search for the items you want, it’s much easier not to get distracted.

Cut out the coffee

OK, that’s harsh, but at least cut down the coffee from cafes.

Even cutting out one a day will save you around $150 per month.

Declutter for cash

Don’t be a hoarder – get busy on eBay or Gumtree – or organise a garage sale.

Collaborate with some friends and make a party of it.

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Louisa Sanghera
July 27, 2017
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