financy is growing and is not about to stop. Find out how we can work together to improve the futures of Australian women.

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Today we’ve reached a major Financy HQ milestone and now have over 30 regular contributors, five star video bloggers and finance experts talking to us via Financy FM – not bad for Australia’s first collaborative women’s money magazine!

We’re on a mission to keep growing and have updated our style-guide to help our writers get even more Fin-Ancy with their content, plus we want to help you get published faster and help us keep up!

We’re also calling our for more contributors, collaborators and now advertisers – so expect a fancier landing page for this soon.

And just to drum it home, Financy is big on promoting and supporting others, particularly like-minded businesses and individuals, so if this is you get in touch!

Meanwhile our Financy Directory is growing as a place where we are happy to showcase and link to those who are committed to making a difference to the financial futures of women.

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