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Is your money in the lost and found?

We've listed some of the top lost and found money websites and if you're lucky you may even find a pot of gold in one of them.

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Don’t you just love a good lost and found story. Girl loses shoe on the dancefloor, only to have it show up in a lost and found box somewhere – ahh if only this were always the case.

Fortunately in the financial world, such places do exist online.

A couple of weeks back I clicked on an ad in my facebook from Moneysmart, a government financial advice website.

Being a financial adviser I had liked their page (you should too). The ad simply asked me to enter my name into a page on their site so they could tell me whether I had any unrecovered money in lost bank accounts.

I entered my name, and unfortunately I had nothing lost and nothing to find.

But it inspired me to start entering the names of my clients, and close friends. Bingo! I had a friend with $2,500 in a lost bank account with CBA. $2,500!!!

It seemed too good to be true. But after a couple of phone calls and a trip to their local branch, my friend is $2,500 richer. How nice for her, if only it were the case for everyone!

Still chances are that someone you know has a little unclaimed money lost bank accounts, so if you want to go on the hunt to find it, click here.

While we’re talking lost and found, it is also worth taking a look for lost superannuation.

To find out of you have any lost retirement savinges in super funds from earlier in life you can go to the ATOs Superseeker page by clicking here.

Once there you will be asked to login to your myGov account to check where all your super is.

If remembering your Username and password for myGov is a step too far for you, then try looking on the Super Trace website. Click here for that.

Supertrace is a superfund that looks after small and unclaimed super benefits transferred to it by other superannuation funds.

The main purpose is to reunite members with their superannuation.

Once you have found your super, you can then easily roll it into your main super account, so you have it all in one place.

All found, so all is not lost.

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