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How secure a luxury holiday for less money

More Australians are seeking to travel in style than ever before, here's how to secure a luxury holiday for less.

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Timing, ditching the middleman and inclusions are all key elements to securing a luxury holiday at a fraction of the cost.

“If you can, travel outside of peak seasons for the best prices on both airfares and hotels,” said Adam Schwab, chief executive office

That doesn’t just mean avoiding school holidays and public holidays because peak periods vary depending the destination.”

He said the best deals are coming up in the following countries:

  • Thailand in June and July
  • The Greek islands in May or September
  • Bali in November
  • Croatia in early December

He also reckons that it’s time to cut out the middleman – which is a big thing for a travel boss to say!

“You can save heaps of money, so become your own travel agent by booking your holiday online – but be prepared to spend some time getting it right,” he said.

“Research, research and then research some more. Make sure to read the fine print of any hotel or holiday deal, especially the validity dates and inclusion conditions.

“Take the time to check reviews of the hotels, and look the hotel location up on a map and check its distance from the CBD or beach, as well as public transport options. You don’t want to end up spending your entire holiday budget on taxis,” said Mr Schwab.

The next tip is to get as many inclusions as possible during your holiday. Not only will this give you credit card a rest but it also adds to that sense of being spoilt.

“On, all of our holidays include indulgent extras such as airport transfers, dining experiences, spa treatments and Kids’ Club in our packages,” he said.

“Not only are you saving money, but it’s often those little extras are the different between a nice trip and the experience of a lifetime.”

At Financy HQ we also want to throw into the mix currency rates. While it can take the shine off a destination that you’ve always wanted to visit, it goes without saying that the better the Australian dollar is trading in the country you are visiting, the more money you are likely to have in your pocket.

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