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How to pick a rewards card program

What to look for in a rewards card program and why it's best to limit your choices.

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Rewards programs are a great way of getting better value from your shopping, but many women are simply not getting the benefits they should be.

Often it’s because they’re forgetting about them and I am guilty of this too!

Paper vouchers can clog up your purse, and if you’re like me, when it’s time to find a rewards card it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

There are some loyalty programs that are unrealistic and require a huge spend before a reward is issued, and others are really complex so we just don’t bother.

Tip: Loyalty programs need to be clear and easy if they want to engage consumers.

Sometimes I’m asked if loyalty programs are lucrative enough to bother, and my advice is to never allow a loyalty program to influence your spend.

If you’re shopping with a retailer anyway then be a savvy shopper and make sure you’re receiving bonuses on purchases.

For example, I would spend conservatively $1,500 a year on health and beauty products for me and my hubby.

Sometimes, I could spend $400 plus in a quarter.

Because of this trend I look for loyalty cards, such as the new Priceline Pharmacy Sister Club program, that gives me a monetary reward for spending $100 a quarter but I also get to choose two full size products to take home for free.

This is a bonus just for doing my normal shop!

Tip: For women that think it takes too long to earn points and get benefits, my next tip is that you need to be smart and consolidate your rewards cards to get the maximum benefits.

If you have five cards for five different health and beauty retailers and split your spending amongst them, you won’t receive the full benefit.

Aside from being a member of the Priceline Pharmacy Sister Club, I also have a Woolworths rewards card, and yes it takes longer to receive a reward, but I’m shopping there anyway.

You might find that you forget about all the programs you are signed up for.

For retailers, just because someone signs up a program it doesn’t mean they are going to use it.

Therefore a few years ago I narrowed down the number of cards I signed up to and now I never forget to show my card at the retailers I frequent, and by placing them right next to my credit and Eftpos cards (very rarely do I have cash on me!)

But my biggest message to consumers is always to do their research.

Not all rewards programs provide tangible rewards, and if you split your spending amongst multiple loyalty programs then you won’t get the best value out of any of them.

Find the programs that work for you and stick with them!

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