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Most popular destinations for travel insurance

Where in the world are the most popular destinations needing travel insurance and how much is that likely to cost you.

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America, Bali and Thailand are the three most popular destinations for women taking out travel insurance.

According to start-up travel insurance company Travel with Jane, the United States of America has become one of the most loved travel destinations among Australian women but it’s also one that often requires more expensive travel insurance, despite it being the world’s most powerful country.

Medical expenses overseas can cost tens of thousands of dollars depending on the seriousness of your illness or injuries.

America doesn’t offer a public health care safety net like what we have in Australia, so private health care is the only real option.

The high cost of finding yourself in hospital for simple stitches, let alone on the table of an emergency room, is the stuff of travel nightmares,” says Michelle Legge community manager at Travel with Jane.

“Unfortunately bill shock is part of the equation, but more worryingly, travellers are often turned away if they can’t prove that they have travel insurance to cover their medical expenses.”

The standard of medical facilities and care throughout the United States is comparable to Australia.

Medical costs in the United States are, however, extremely high and that’s even without considering the weaker Australian dollar.

At the moment one Aussie dollar will get you about 77 US cents.

A visit to a doctor in the United States for even minor complaints can cost several hundred dollars, excluding laboratory tests or medication costs.

In the absence of accepted health insurance payment would generally be required up front.

Australian women also love visiting Bali and Thailand but both destinations are not fantastic in the emergency healthcare department.

Serious medical emergencies most typically require transfers to bigger cities like Bangkok, or even neighbouring countries like Singapore.

The risk might be financial in the USA, but in other parts of the developing world, the risk could be your life. 

In financial terms, the riskier regions equate to pricier insurance policy costs.

‘Risky’ countries are grouped in regions, the most expensive region includes North and South America, followed by ‘Europe and Africa’.

The remaining regions are the ‘United Kingdom and Asia, ‘Pacific’, ‘South Pacific’’.

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