Mamma knows best on selling houses

Here's six reasons why Mamma's are well suited to selling their own homes and why many are doing just that.

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There’s no tougher job than being a Mum, so if you can do that with all its demands, then selling your own property can’t be that difficult.

It’s a big statement, but I’m increasingly watching more Mums decide to take control and sell the family home themselves – without using a real estate agent.

While profits are never a guarantee when selling any property, regardless of whether or not you use the expertise of a real estate agent, what can be said about selling privately is that more of the profit belongs to the person selling.

For example, Sally is a mum of two who, after convincing her hubby to give it a go, recently sold her own property in Caringbah, south of Sydney for $30,000 more than their local real estate agents thought they could.

Now you could argue that perhaps the agent could have got the same result. Yes that’s true, and this is not an anti-agent article. It’s just that if you are a mum and want to have a go at selling your own home, rest assured you more than likely have what it takes.

Mum’s are used to the challenges of balancing a work and home life, organising the kids for school or sport activities and sometimes, finding some ‘me’ time amongst all of that. This is often a whole lot harder than managing the sale of your home and talking to potential buyers.

So here are six reasons why I think being a mum makes you the best person to sell your own home.

  1. Who knows your home better than you? You know that property inside and out, you’ve more than likely made a few improvements to it too. You’re certainly the best person to answer any questions potential buyers may have about it.
  2. You know your local area just as well, if not better, than your local agent, after all you’ve probably driven thousands of kilometres taking the kids to and from school and sports, shopping and family outings.
  3. You know how to say No and you know how to hold your ground. If anyone was ever going to wear you down and make you give in it’s a persistent and unrelenting child. If you can manage to stay strong with them, you’ll have no trouble when it comes time to deal with a prospective buyer.
  4. Mums are known for being shrewd negotiators, especially when they want something badly. How many hours have you spent shopping around for the best deal, or getting the salesman to knock off just a few more dollars?
  5. You can think on your feet and can justify almost anything. Think of the countless times you’ve told your partner why you needed those new pair of shoes. You won’t have any problem chatting with buyers and selling the best features of your home.
  6. Lastly, you‘ve got your families best interests at heart. You know the difference an extra one or two thousand dollars on your sale price will mean to your family and you’ll work damn hard to get that.


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