Purse mindset: are you afraid of showing up?

In the first of our Purse Mindset articles we drill into what shapes how we think and feel about money, and what holds us back.

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When it comes to money, it’s not necessarily having a fantastic business or a financial plan that’s going to make you super wealthy, it’s having the right mindset.

Life coach and best selling author Nancy Levin says it’s the subconscious things we tell ourselves about money that determine how we achieve it and respond to wealth creation.

“More women are afraid of success than failure,” she says, adding that quite often we tell ourselves that we are not actually worthy of making more money or being successful.

Dig a little deeper and Levin says it’s fear of the unknown or of what others may say or do that is often one reasons that women hold themselves back financially.

“If we think we are not enough, then we will never be enough or have enough.”

So if this is you, or perhaps someone you know, here’s some Financy HQ tips that have been inspired by Nancy Levin in her upcoming book Worthy which can help you get over that fear of showing up and achieving your money goals.

  1. Think back, what is your first memory of money? Sometimes it’s the good or bad memories we have formed around money as a child that shapes the way we feel about it and see it as adults.
  2. What are you telling yourself about money? You need to know whether you feel you deserve money, understand money, and whether you respect it or not.
  3. Are you giving your purse-strings power to someone else? This is really important to understand and in many ways it starts with just ensuring that you keep your own bank account and are responsible for what goes in and goes out.
  4. Time to make peace with your truth. This means after you have confronted how you feel about money, what’s causing it, and what your money situation is, it’s time to accept what’s really going on.
  5. Are you ready to move on? Once you have made peace with yourself you know can look at what needs to be put in place to help make your excited about your financial future rather than fearful. This might be creating your own financial plan or strategy, or one learnt from a professional – it doesn’t matter but it needs to be all yours.
  6. And, finally be ready to surrender to the unknowns. Often it’s the fear of possibilities or the unknowns that holds people back, but once you accept that there are just something you are never really going to be able to control, the journey around money and success can finally become a lighter and more optimistic one.

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