Realistic ways to reduce your energy bill

5 realistic ways you can reduce your electricity bill today

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It’s one of the greatest expenses straining our bank balances, yet unlike that new dress or eyeshadow, it’s completely unavoidable. No we’re not talking about your mobile phone!

We’re talking about your electricity bill. And if you thought it was high before, just wait til the chill of Winter sets in.

Before you run away screaming, we’re not going to tell you to put on an extra jumper or to fan yourself with a soft cover book while gritting your teeth through a bowl of uncooked pasta.

Here are 5 realistic ways you can reduce your electricity bill today and best of all, they’re helpful whether you own or rent your property.

6. BONUS: Check out rebates! 5. Buy energy efficient appliances 4. Turn off the hot water heater 3. Turn off standby appliances 2. Avoid peak usage times 1. Limit heat generating sources
2. Avoid peak usage times. Electricity has peak usage times that attract higher prices in the same way phone companies change more at peak times. And while you might not want to forego that morning cuppa and absolutely can't avoid the fridge being used at dinnertime, you can avoid charging your phone and using the clothes dryer at these times. Likewise you can avoid turning every light on in the house at these peak times. Put a call into your energy provider to find out when your peak usage times are ASAP.

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