Save money and the planet!

Here’s how you can save money while also doing your bit for the planet.

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Building wealth starts with building savings. Here’s how you can save money while also saving the planet.

Number one in the war on waste is a set of Tupperware ventsmarts. You can pop your celery in here and it stays crisp for three weeks.

Honestly, these things are your saviour when you have the best of intentions, but accidentally get Grill’d for dinner instead of making stir-fry.

They can be expensive, but let’s talk about investments. You’ll spend $100 on a set of these but they last a lifetime.

Literally, they have a lifetime warranty.

And you will have made that money back in the first year, just on the amount of dead veggies you haven’t chucked out.

Fruit and veg take a lot of energy to grow and transport, and then they take a fair bit of cash to buy.

So if you want to avoid wasting both, pick yourself up a set.

Norwex Make-up Removal Cloths

Disposable makeup wipes are wasteful.

This little cloth takes off your foundation and eye makeup with nothing but water.

You don’t even need to buy cleanser.

Olive oil spray bottle

I am obsessed with roasting every veggie ever.

If you haven’t roasted Brussels sprouts you haven’t lived.

They are best done with olive oil spray, but those spray cans you buy at the supermarket last about three seconds before you have to bin them.

You pump the spray bottle to build the pressure then spray it on.

You can even infuse garlic or herbs or chili.

Moon cups and Thinx underwear

Not only are pads and tampons hugely wasteful, they are full of chemicals.

Instead use a combo of a JuJu cup and these amazing period underwear that honestly look like normal undies.

Never again grudgingly hand over your hard earned money for the pain of having a period.

Make your own stock

Ok, this is less about saving money and more about not wasting stuff.

But have you ever made your own stock? It’s the best!

Next time you have a whole roast chicken, save the carcass.

Save veggie scraps or just throw an onion and a dying carrot or two in there, add quite a lot of salt and herbs.

I chuck mine in a slow cooker but you can just simmer on the stove too, for a good few hours.

Strain it all into a bowl then divide into smaller containers for the freezer.

The stock is great in soups and curries and also for generally feeling smug about life.

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