How to save a pineapple, aka $50

Today is International Pineapple Day! To celebrate we’re sharing some some practical tips to help you save yourself a pineapple ($50)

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In case it wasn’t already marked in your diary, today is International Pineapple Day!

Did you know the original name for pineapple, nanas, literally translates to mean ‘excellent fruit’?

That the pineapple is the international symbol for hospitality?

Or, that ‘A Pineapple’ is an Australian slang term for a $50 note because of the similar vibrant colours?

The latter got us thinking, because $50 just so happens to be the approximate amount the average Aussie spends each year on ATM fees (aka, one pineapple).

To celebrate international pineapple day, we’ve pulled together some practical tips to help you save yourself a pineapple.

1.     Spring clean your subscriptions

Perhaps your guilty pleasure is binge watching TV shows, in which case you don’t just have Netflix and Stan but also Presto, Foxtel and HayU.

Are they all really necessary?

You may ‘need’ Netflix to watch Frank Underwood but you only ‘want’ Foxtel to watch Sansa Stark.

Spring clean your subscriptions and part ways with streaming services you rarely use to save a pineapple or two.

2.     Use loyalty cards to cut costs on the daily grind

Is a barista coffee part of your daily routine?

Look for a café that has a loyalty card scheme and make use of it!

By getting one in every 10 coffees for free, you can save up to $12 a month, which is almost $150 a year.

If, like us, you need two caffeine hits a day, that’s $300!

3.     Ditch paying full price and rent an outfit

If you need a new dress for an event, try renting one instead of buying it outright.

Websites such as your-closet allow you to rent a $600 designer cocktail dress for just $100 including postage.

That’s a pretty good deal if you ask us.

4.     Create a sharing economy with your fashion friends

If renting an outfit isn’t your thing but your wardrobe is feeling a bit stale, try organising a clothes swap with your squad.

Avoid hefty fashion prices by gathering a group with five pieces of clothing each for exchange.

If you can’t fathom parting with that awesome shirt forever set a future date to swap back.

5.     Work out the cheapest way to stay fit

The average gym membership costs $57.40 a month, almost $700 a year, which means if you’re not pumping iron often the only thing perspiring will be your wallet.

Try putting your membership on hold for two weeks and test working out on your own.

Is there a group of people you can round up for a weekend boot camp or a stay-at-home workout routine you can do via YouTube?

Not only will it save you money, you might actually find simple hacks for a better workout that doesn’t cost a mint.

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