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Selling property: the DIY of attracting buyers

Property: Three top tips to attracting potential buyers and selling your home yourself, and they don't include using ebay!

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So you’ve been told it’s hard to sell your own home and get a good result. Let me guess… a real estate agent told you?

The truth is this: It is no harder for you to attract buyers and sell your own home, than it is for them to find you a buyer for it, and here’s why.

To sell a property these days requires you, the home owner, being able to advertise the property in all the right places – the exact same places your local agent advertises such as the obvious websites like, or your local paper.

So when your perfect buyer goes looking, they see yours is listed for sale. Like the old saying goes, ‘you can’t sell a secret’.

Now if all agents are advertising in the same places, which they are, it means that none of them have any real advantage over the other when it comes to connecting with potential buyers.

And if they don’t have any advantage over one another, then how do they have any advantage over you?

There are three keys to successfully selling a home and if followed, you stand just as good of a chance selling your property as a local agent does.

  1. Presentation. If you’re home looks like a pig sty, or it has way too many issues that need fixing, you’re going to face an uphill battle finding someone who wants to purchase it. Don’t skip over this crucial step. Presentation is key to a fast and profitable sale.
  2. Pricing. If you price your property correctly and you’re willing to meet the market – you will find a buyer. Your pricing strategy will make or break your sale, so don’t let the green eyed monster ruin your chances of accepting a fair price. If you overprice your home from the beginning, you could potentially miss out on a serious offer, if you underprice it because of not doing your homework, you could lose out on extra money. Do your due diligence and research your local market before settling on a price
  3. Advertising. As the old saying goes, ‘You can’t sell a secret’. As handy as DIY sites like gumtree and ebay are, they cannot be relied upon solely to sell your home. They’re OK for a bit of extra advertising, but it’s not where serious and motivated buyers are looking. If you want to sell your home, in the least amount of time possible and for the best price, you need to advertise on the major real estate websites, being and


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