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Tapping into your inner money guide

Need help with getting on top of your financial situation, here's how to tap into your inner money guide.

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It’s amazing how many of us admit that they would like to be better with money, but often getting there is a bit like a crash diet. Here’s how tapping into your inner money guide can help you get there.

Change can only happen from within, but sometimes it needs the right external conditions as well. Until you understand what keeps you where you are now – your “status quo” – it’s difficult to change it.

Many things keep you stuck in your status quo, and generally they relate to emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of your life.

So here’s what you can do to tap into your money guide by understanding those factors at play.


Emotions play an important role in change, because they can either hold us back or propel us forward. If you want to change, you need to be emotionally committed to it and this takes self-control and discipline.

To identify what’s happening ask yourself:

• Which emotions do you hold to a higher value? Do these emotions enable change or prevent it?
• What is your emotional commitment to your current way of life?
• What emotion is driving you to change?
• If you can’t answer the previous question, what emotion do you need as a driver to achieve the required change?


The social aspects of our lives play a huge part in the way we interact with money and achieving our goals.

Friends, family, and co-workers all participate in this process. For whatever reason, some might hold us back, sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. Either way, they have the same effect.

Ask yourself whether your relationships and social interactions are helping you:

• Do the people in your life make you a better person?
• Do you make those around you better people?

To make the change you need, you need supportive, constructive and mutually beneficial relationships in place.


Religion aside, what we are talking about here is your core beliefs – your life philosophy.

Your approach to change depends on how you view continuous learning, improving yourself, serving in your community, and other values.

Do you view your life as static and stagnant, or evolving and growing?

You don’t have to give up your principles when you change. Instead, you use your values, principles, and core philosophy to drive your life in a purposeful way.

Consider these questions:

• What do you really hold dear and close in your life?
• What are your leadership drivers?
• Are your core beliefs and values aligned with your vision?
• What values are getting in the way of moving in new, better directions?
• What values do you need to embrace to live in a balanced, purposeful way?

By tapping into your inner money guide you become better placed to change and achieve a better state of financial wellbeing.

Financy reading more now? Tracey is also author of the book Finding Financial Freedom.

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