Tips from a female fund manager

German born scientist Dr Bianca Ogden has become one of Australia’s most successful female fund managers.

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German born scientist Dr Bianca Ogden came to Australia to try something new. Little did she know she’d become a highly successful female fund manager.

Thriving in a male dominated environment, Bianca runs the highly successful Platinum International Healthcare Fund, which has delivered an impressive 225 per cent return since inception in 2003.

In this interview with The Constant Investor she admits she still finds it hard to work the room at networking events, but she knows her way around pharmaceutical investments.

She shares what’s exciting in this space and why beginner investors should take the lead from a German nun.

As Fund Manager at Platinum Asset Management Limited, Bianca says she works less like a financial analyst and more like a business development person.

Bianca Ogden“I look at the whole universe and say “This company, they’re developing something maybe another company would like” she says.

In health care, bio tech and pharmaceuticals, innovation just keeps on coming, providing a spread of opportunities for investors.

“Health care never stands still, there will always be great opportunities, it’s always somewhere you’ll find growth”

She’s keenly watching developments in the immunotherapy space, which is widely considered the future of cancer treatment.

“It’s very exciting. You basically turn the immune system back on to the tumor. It’s quite technical, there are a lot of new targets, new opportunities and new companies formed on that.”

She’s had her share of investments that have turned sour but she’s also learnt not to divest too quickly and echoes the sentiment of so many other skilled investors. Patience is key.

“What I’ve learnt is you have to have patience. There have been things in the portfolio that I got bored with or just wasn’t moving, I’d had it for a couple of years, it just wasn’t happening and I divested it. But in the end, those came good”.

“So, you must step back and say I must sit through this and they’re doing the right things and doing the right signs, which is very important”

Bianca sums up her advice for anyone unexperienced in investing but wanting to begin, by pointing to the recent headline making story of a German nun.

Educate yourself and just get started.

The nun from Mariendonk in Germany, in a bid to raise more money for repairs to the nunnery, turned her hand to investing. She began by studying the financial pages of German newspapers and her banks financial research notes.

She now runs a portfolio of approximately $2.6 million from her convent office.

“I think it’s research, to try and understand what your putting your money into. There’s a lot of jargon out there that can put you off”.

“Go and find a quiet place, there’s so much on google to help you understand, research it and ask questions” she says.

What she’s learnt through her own experience with investing is to listen keenly to your gut feelings.

“There’s so much going on and so much information that in the end, you may have to make the judgement” she says.

“I would never follow just blindly. Do your own research.”

Listen to the whole interview at The Constant Investor or on iTunes.

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