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Tips to saving money on weddings

Ten clever tips that will help you save money on your wedding without looking like you've been bound to a budget.

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Weddings are a drain on the budget, and with some costing well into six figures, it’s important to know where to spend and where to save.

There are some amazing tips you can use along the way to bring your wedding day into the black and ensure that you’re not starting your journey as husband and wife with wedding related debt!

1. Only splurge on the things that matter. Key to you saving money on your wedding day is to really understand what matters to you and what doesn’t. The most important elements to you might be your wedding dress and the flowers, so splurge on these and then scrimp on the things that don’t matter as much such as the decorations and wine. You’ll bring your wedding in under budget but not compromise on the things you really want.

2. Shop around and ask. It’s amazing what discounts are on offer if you simply ask the question. Now is the time to negotiate and if you’re not a natural negotiator, bring in someone close to you who is. They’ll be less emotional and probably get a bargain deal for you!

3. Cocktails or Brunch. You’re lucky right now that unconventional weddings are on-trend and so cocktail and brunch receptions are going to not only be a stylish decision for your wedding celebrations, they will also save you money too. You can be versatile with your menu and not have to invest in that expensive sit down dinner.

4. Who do you know? Not only a valuable tip for saving money but also because you want to get the highest quality outcomes you can afford, ask those around you for recommendations and contributions to your wedding day. If you have a grandmother who makes beautiful cakes, then ask her to make your wedding cake. If you have a cousin who is an event planner, consider asking her to help with the décor recommendations or planning.

These tips will not only help you save money but also create special memories to share with those around you on your wedding day.

5. Think about a wedding planner. This may sound crazy but a wedding planner can actually save you money. They will negotiate great deals for you as they will have industry knowledge and contacts that are the best for your budget. Plus you get the added bonus of not running around crazy before your wedding with all of the event planning details. Just concentrate on the joy of the day!

6. Flowers in season are optimal. It’s easy to get carried away by wedding magazines filled with beautiful flowers, decorations, gowns and other wedding ideas. But be real here – flying in those specialty blooms that are out of season during your wedding just adds an enormous cost that is completely avoidable. Flowers are beautiful in any season, so shop around and find blooms in season on the day of your wedding for the best look and the best cost too.

7. Limit the alcohol you serve. This might be a little controversial as your wedding day is the biggest party of your life, but think really hard about the drinks you plan to serve. Choose a good bubbly that guests can enjoy alongside your favourite craft beer, and then you can be creative and come up with a couple of fun mocktails to complement the alcoholic beverages and save some cash.

8. Location, location, location. If you host the reception at the same location as the ceremony, you’ll have more bargaining power for negotiating a better price than dealing with two venues. And, you have the added bonus of not needing to pay for transport between two locations.

9. Hire cars aren’t really that important. In the grand scheme of things, if you’re on a super tight budget, consider asking a relative with a gorgeous car to drive you and the wedding party to the venue. Buy some wedding ribbon to pretty up the car and you really will still feel special on arrival but without the cost.

10. Go DIY and CIY. Do it yourself and craft it yourself are buzz words in weddings and parties, and with good reason. Create wedding favours yourself that are meaningful and personal, rather than buying them on masse and costing the earth. Similarly, look at creating your own wedding centrepieces with candles, mirror bases and scatters to complement your floral centrepieces, and you have saved a fortune. The key here is to think about what you feel you can take on yourself and grab some help with, and you’ll not only save money but have plenty of fun doing it.

Above all – make a budget and stick to it. No excuses! Keep a spreadsheet or notebook with all of your costs and make sure you don’t miss anything. Diarise payment schedules so you don’t miss any part payment agreements and ultimately try and be as methodical as you can be.

Do you have any great ideas for saving money on a wedding? Please share with us in the comments.

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